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Make Friends and Influence People is an achievement that requires the player to use asphyxiate on Yakamaru while he is in the north-eastern pool, and having everyone in the raid party survive the damage taken. This can be done by any member of the team, so long as all members of the team survive. To successfully qualify for the achievement, a total of four numbered hits of Asphyxiate must successfully hit Yakamaru and deal damage.

The successful hits are checked by the player dealing the Asphyxiate over the course of the phase, and are not limited to one player. If one player using Asphyxiate were to use the ability but miss on the fourth hit, the same player or a second player can use Asphyxiate and successfully deal damage with the fourth hit in order to successfully qualify the team. The four strikes do not have to be within one usage of Asphyxiate.

Teams can survive the recoil damage Yakamaru deals by either using the Barricade ability in a well-timed manner, or for players to retreat towards the southern pool out of range of Yakamaru's attacks. The player using Asphyxiate will either need to use Natural Instinct to be able to gain enough adrenaline to use Asphyxiate under Barricade's effects, using an adrenaline potion of some variant, or for another player (under Barricade's effect) to cast Intercept on the caster. Players may still qualify if they are saved via a sign of life's effect, but no player may die during the rest of the encounter.

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