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Maisa is a spy for Al Kharid and partner of the late Kaleef.[1] She plays a minor role in the Contact! and Dealing with Scabaras quests.

Maisa is first met during Contact!, where she was posted to Menaphos to gather intelligence.[2] She was supposed to be relieved from her posting by Kaleef, but he met his demise while traversing the tunnels below Sophanem. As a result, she is unable to leave.[3] After the player informs her of Kaleef's death and earns her trust, Maisa will instruct the player in contacting Osman to personally come and rescue her.

After Contact! is completed, she is encountered once again in Sophanem, where she fakes her own death using a Cadava potion. After awakening from her potion-induced slumber, she reveals a new tunnel system she learnt about while conducting her espionage duties and the rationale for faking her death.[4] Maisa then tasks the player to explore said tunnel and kill any scarabs they find, but not before informing the High Priest first in order to prevent a diplomatic incident from occurring.[5]

The polarity of her qualities as an agent is bought up when mention of her is made to Osman.[6] While skilled and loyal (albeit grudgingly) to her cause,[7][8][9] Maisa is susceptible to the more emotional side of her personality, evidenced by her outburst upon learning the demise of her colleague and her thirst for revenge against Scarabs.[10][11][12]

She can no longer be found in-game after completing Dealing with Scabaras.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • During "Contact!", she wears a humorous disguise with fake glasses, nose, and moustache. This is based on Groucho glasses inspired by comedian Groucho Marx.

References[edit | edit source]

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