Mahogany prize chest

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This article is about the chest built in a Games room. For other uses, see Mahogany chest (disambiguation).

A mahogany prize chest is the best crate that can be built in the Games room in a player-owned house.

The chest can hold up to any amount at a time. It can only be opened by a winner in the Games room (on a game set up by the house owner).

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • When entering a bank pin at any bank across Gielinor, there is a picture of a Mahogany prize chest shown alongside the numbers.
  • Before Jagex implemented the trade limit, players could put in up to 500k into the box, making a potential scam (by the owner kicking people out) or a high risk fun game. This was also to stop Real World Trading in a POH.