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Mahogany planks are made from mahogany logs and are the highest level planks used in the Construction skill.

Use in Construction[edit | edit source]

The planks may then be used to make furniture in a player-owned house. Making items with mahogany planks gives 140 Construction experience per plank used. Mahogany planks are the most expensive of the four types of planks. Mahogany planks can be used to make flatpacks, but the demand for such furniture is very low. The biggest demand for mahogany planks is from people power-training Construction by building and removing Flotsam prawnbrokers. More info about the cost of experience using various planks is available here.

Making planks[edit | edit source]

Cost of converting mahogany logs to planks
Method Standard cost Profit or loss
Sawmill operator 1,500 −495
Portable sawmill 1,350 −345
Casting Plank make[n 1] 3,790 [n 2] −2,785
Plank maker[n 3] 401.18 [n 4][n 5] 603.82
High capacity plank maker[n 6] 347.85 [n 4][n 7] 657.16
  1. ^ Requires 86 Magic
  2. ^ Assumes Staff of earth or equivalent is used to eliminate cost of earth runes
  3. ^ Requires 99 Invention
  4. ^ a b Using price of Divine charge, with each divine charge capable of powering up the generator with 3000 machine charge
  5. ^ 17.3 machine charge are used per plank
  6. ^ Requires 117 Invention
  7. ^ 15 machine charge are used per plank

Acquisition[edit | edit source]

Players can chop down mahogany trees using the Woodcutting skill, and there is a small chance of getting a special log. If players get 2 of these, they can exchange them for a completely free conversion of the logs in your inventory into planks. That means that Construction could be completely free, but extremely time-consuming. This method is not recommended for players that can make more money elsewhere at a decent rate because of the lack of efficiency. However, the Special mahogany log page analyses the expected return on cutting Mahogany, which can be surprisingly high compared to other Woodcutting activities.

Players can also get mahogany planks as a reward from level 3 Treasure Trail Clue scrolls, a reward from the Dwarven instinct aura, a reward from opening mermaid purses in a POH Aquarium, or as a possible drop from the rare drop table.

Drop sources[edit | edit source]

For an exhaustive list of all known sources for this item, see here.
  1. ^ a b c d e f g h i There is further information on this drop; see the associated page for details.

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