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The Mahjarrat quest series is a group of quests involving the Mahjarrat, a race of mysterious shape-shifters from another realm, Freneskae. It is one of the oldest quest series but is different in many regards due to it not having a set order to complete it in.

Main quests[edit | edit source]

Shield of Arrav[edit | edit source]

Main article: Shield of Arrav

The legendary shield of Arrav, used by the famous hero himself, has been stolen. The shield, which had been in the keeping of Varrock Museum, has been broken in two halves and these have been taken by two feuding gangs in Varrock. The player learns about this from Reldo in Varrock Palace. To get the shield halves back from the gangs, the player has to join the gangs and obtain them.

To join the Phoenix Gang, they will need to kill Jonny the beard and bring the report he drops to the leader of the Phoenix gang, Straven. The player will become a member of the gang and can then get a half of the shield from the Phoenix gang's hideout.

To join the Black Arm Gang, they will need to kill the Weaponsmaster and steal two Phoenix crossbows from the rivalling gang. These must be brought to the leader of the Black Arm gang, Katrine. The player will become a member of the gang and can then get a half of the shield from the Black Arm gang's hideout. When the player has both halves, they can complete the quest.

Temple of Ikov[edit | edit source]

Main article: Temple of Ikov

In the bar in west Ardougne, you meet a mysterious man called Lucien. He hires you to go on a mission for the Staff of Armadyl. The adventure leads you to an underground temple near Seers' Village called the Temple of Ikov. There lie traps and enemies inside. As you progress inside the temple, you meet the guardians of Armadyl. You either have a choice to side with the guardians of Armadyl, or side with Lucien. Either way, the story turns out the same way in the end.

Hazeel Cult[edit | edit source]

Main article: Hazeel Cult

South of Ardougne, Zamorakian followers are trying to resurrect their fallen master, Hazeel, a Mahjarrat. The player must either thwart their plans to resurrect Hazeel or help them do so.

Fight Arena[edit | edit source]

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Lady Servil is in distress. Her son has been kidnapped by an army to the south, and her husband has gone after them to save their son, but hasn't returned yet. She asks the adventurer to rescue them. The adventurer infiltrates into the Khazard base by wielding pieces of Khazard armour, and speaks to Sammy Servil, Lady Servils son. He tells the adventurer that his father was captured and made to fight in the Fight Arena. The adventurer rushes in and saves the father by killing the Khazard Ogre that was attacking him.

After that, general Khazard appears and proposes the adventurer to let the Servils go free if the adventurer takes their place as a fight slave. The adventurer agrees and is made to fight a Khazard Scorpion and General Khazard's pet hellhound, Bouncer. When the adventurer has beaten both General Khazard attacks him, and he gets killed as well. The Servils escape and are united with Lady Servil.

Desert Treasure[edit | edit source]

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In the desert, the player meets a man called Asgarnia Smith, who gives the player a simple task. This, however, leads to a long chain of events, leading the player to discover the Four Diamonds of Azzanadra. After the player obtains the four diamonds from their guardians, the player is told to place the diamonds in obelisks at an ancient Pyramid. The player then enters the pyramid, and after avoiding traps, mummies, and scarab swarms, arrives at the centre chamber to discover an ancient Mahjarrat named Azzanadra. Azzanadra reveals he has been trapped here for millennia, and thanks the player for freeing him, thus earning the help and aid of Azzanadra.

Devious Minds[edit | edit source]

Main article: Devious Minds

A hooded monk near Paterdomus requires help. He needs someone to make a weapon for him, both a bow and a sword. The player makes him one by attaching a bowstring to a mithril sword. Next, the monk needs the player to bring a special orb for him to Entrana. He tells the player to go via the abyss to the law altar so that it will stay a surprise.

After the player has taken the orb to the church, the monk teleports there with a spell that he had casted on the orb, and he kills a couple of Saradominist monks and steals a holy relic. The high priest, who luckily had survived the attack, immediately orders the player to go back to the Paterdomus and look for the monk. Here the player finds the corpse of a monk. After a quick visit to the high priest the player informs Sir Tiffy Cashien of the events.

Enakhra's Lament[edit | edit source]

Main article: Enakhra's Lament

Lazim, a sculptor, requires help. He wants to make a statue in the desert but he cannot do it alone. The player mines several pieces of sandstone for him and he makes a statue out of them. Then, suddenly, the ground below the statue collapses and both Lazim and the player fall down into some sort of ancient room which turns out to be a temple. After some questioning of the player, Lazim reveals he isn't a real sculptor, but was actually looking for treasure in this temple. After completing a series of puzzles, the player gains further access into the temple.

After finishing each puzzle, a cutscene is shown, the first one showing a woman named Enakhra building a temple for 'her lord', the second one showing Enakhra being attacked by Avvarockian Knights, and Enakhra killing them with ease, the third one showing Enakhra talking to what appears to be a camel in robes by the name of Akthanakos, and Enakhra shows regret of joining Zamorak but appearing to be dishonest, the fourth one of Enakhra trying experimenting with Necromancy, and the fifth one showing how she betrayed Akthanatos.

After the player has gained further access to the temple they fight an undead boneguard, and later helps him regaining control over his body. When this is done, both the boneguard, who reveals himself to be Akthanatos, and Enakhra, who appears in the room, shapeshift into their skeletal forms and teleport to the North to resume their fighting. The player is left with the Camulet.

Defender of Varrock[edit | edit source]

Main article: Defender of Varrock

Strange zombie sightings have been reported in the Wilderness, and the player is sent to investigate. A dungeon beneath the Chaos Temple is discovered to house an army of Armoured zombies under the command of Zemouregal. The player also contacts an undead Arrav, under almost complete control of Zemouregal.

After reporting the situation to the Varrock Guards, the player is sent to find Imcando dwarves and get their help in repairing the Shield of Arrav and unlocking its true power. While using the Sacred forge, the player becomes aware of the fact that an attack on Varrock is already underway. The player must then find a direct descendant of the Elders of Avarrocka who would be able to wield the Shield. Dimintheis, being such a descendant, is able to kill the attacking army using the shield.

While Guthix Sleeps[edit | edit source]

Main article: While Guthix Sleeps

The Mahjarrat Lucien is growing stronger and efforts are starting to be made against him. The player is sent to Thaerisk Cemphier to learn about how Lucien is gaining power by using the staff of Armadyl and how Movario is assisting him on stealing an item of immense power. After a trip to Movario's base, the player reports to the White Knights and tells them about this.

The player then recruits eight heroes to apprehend Lucien when the time is right. After capturing a spy and learning about his master, the player heads to the Black Knights' Fortress and captures the spy's master who is revealed to be the powerful Dagon'hai mage, Surok Magis. After questioning him and stealing his robes, the player is teleported to Lucien's camp near the God Wars Dungeon disguised as Surok.

Lucien attacks the player after realising he is not Surok, but before he can kill the player the eight heroes Hazelmere, Turael, Duradel, Mazchna, Ghommal, Sloane, Harrallak Menarous, and Cyrisus come to aid. Lucien quickly disposes of all but Harrallak and Mazchna, and teleports away. After the heading into the Ancient Guthix Temple the player fights the powerful Balance Elemental.

Once the Balance Elemental is dead, it is revealed that the artefact Lucien was after is the Stone of Jas, a very powerful artefact that can grant the possessor God like powers. Lucien and Movario go to the temple and find the player near the stone. Lucien takes the artefact and summons two Tormented demons to finish the player off. After he and Movario get away, the player defeats the demons and talks to Idria, a follower of Armadyl who reveals some secrets about the legendary Dragonkin.

Mysteries of the Mahjarrat[edit | edit source]

The Tale of the Muspah[edit | edit source]

A young Fremennik guides the player to a cave that he has found on the snow-covered border between Rellekka and the Troll County. In the cave, the player discovers what they believe to be a Muspah, a fearsome yeti-like monster, frozen in a block of ice. When the player melts the block of ice, the Muspah awakens and returns to its former self, a Mahjarrat named Jhallan.

Long ago he was chased by Zamorakians to the cave, where he fell asleep and morphed into the shape of a Muspah after a nightmare he had. The transformation sapped too much of his energy and he went in a hibernation to preserve his power. After regaining some strength he informs the player that he has to find a safer place to recover his power, the ideal site being at the Mahjarrat Ritual site-also known as the North; a hidden, frozen plateau north of Rellekka.

There, at the right time, he and the other Mahjarrat will fight to the death, with the winners being fully endowed and restored to power. However, Jhallan is too weak to fight so instead hides beneath in the Mahjarrat Ritual Site Cavern. Jhallan has the player find a suitable location and, after the Mahjarrat gives him some advice and a token of achievement, the player freezes him in a block of ice to peacefully await his rejuvenation.

Missing My Mummy[edit | edit source]

Main article: Missing My Mummy

A pyramid, the Uzer Mastaba, is discovered just south of Uzer. It has been untouched since the God Wars, and the player is sent to explore it. During the quest, the player navigates the pyramid, searching for any information that may prove useful. At the end of the quest, the player finds the tomb of the Pharaoh Queen Senliten and restores it. This releases the spirit of the queen, who tells the player about the Mahjarrat.

The Curse of Arrav[edit | edit source]

Main article: The Curse of Arrav

The player is sent to investige a tunnel that apparently led right underneath the Mahjarrat Ritual site. While excavating the tunnel the player finds four diary entries of Lamistard. The tunnel ends in the basement of Zemouregal's northern base, upon emerging from the basement the player is confronted by Arrav. After a short dialogue in which Arrav explains that his heart is placed under a spell he is teleported to aid Zemouregal elsewhere. Upon the instruction of Senliten the player returns to Zemouregal's southern base and places Arrav's heart in a canopic jar.

The Temple at Senntisten[edit | edit source]

The player meets Azzanadra from the quest Desert Treasure once more. Once the player obtains permission from the Head Archaeologist at the Varrock Dig Site for Azzanadra to restore the Zarosian temple beneath the Dig Site, Azzanadra sends the player on a mission to obtain two items: the Barrows icon, from the Barrows in Morytania, and the Frostenhorn, from the Ghorrock fortress in the north.

When the player takes these two items back to Azzanadra, the player must get the relic from the Assassin. Once the player brings this final item to Azzanadra, the Zarosian temple will be restored and Azzanadra will once again be able to communicate with the banished god Zaros. Zaros will instruct Azzanadra on how to best help him with his return.

Ritual of the Mahjarrat[edit | edit source]

This quest is the final quest in the Mysteries of the Mahjarrat quest series. It is a Grandmaster quest and features the Mahjarrat Sliske for the first time. The quest features the Ritual of Rejuvenation, a ritual that happens every 500 years with the Mahjarrat race. The sacrifice chosen is Jhallan. When the Ritual ends, the Mahjarrat are refreshened and take on new forms. However, a battle soon breaks out, where Lucien attempts to use the Stone of Jas, but only resulting in the Dragonkin appearing, killing Lucien and snapping the staff of Armadyl before setting fire to Edgeville.

Personalities[edit | edit source]

Current rewards for series (Mysteries of the Mahjarrat)[edit | edit source]

Experience[edit | edit source]
Items[edit | edit source]
New locations[edit | edit source]
  • Access to the Altar of Zaros in the Senntisten Temple, located below the Varrock Dig Site. Praying at this altar boosts your prayer points to 15% over your current max level. Note: This altar is reusable (if remote). If you drain your prayer points below your prayer level you can reboost it at this altar.
  • New slayer cave full of Jellies
  • Access to the Muspah's cave and Ice strykewyrms
  • Access to the Amascut altar in Senliten's burial chamber, allowing extra prayer points at the cost of some life points.
  • Access to the Glacor cavern mine.
Other[edit | edit source]

Music unlocked in series (Mysteries of the Mahjarrat)[edit | edit source]

10 Music tracks unlocked: