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Mahjarrat deathstones can be found on Freneskae. There are four of them, each for a Mahjarrat who died on the route to the Ritual marker on Freneskae.

The deathstones record Mahjarrats' final moments up to and including their deaths and appear near the areas that the Mahjarrat fell. They only appear on Freneskae; Mahjarrat who have died outside of Freneskae do not have a known deathstone.

Finding all four Mahjarrat deathstones completes the Death to the Mahjarrat achievement, which is a master quest cape requirement.

Locations[edit | edit source]

  • First deathstone (Rhakzhul): Right before the first lava rock ride at the World Gate after Lava Falls teleport.
  • Second deathstone (Kyreetha): Right before the second lava rock ride.
  • Third deathstone (Hizzindra): At the end of the second lava rock ride.
  • Fourth deathstone (Zemouregal): Right outside Mah's ritual marker.

Transcripts[edit | edit source]

The following text is transcluded from Transcript:Mahjarrat deathstone.
First deathstone

This marks the deathplace of Rhakzuhl, whose final memory echoes from the gemstone left within the stone...The Falls of Mah lay before me. One last obstacle at the end of our pilgrimage to the ritual site, where we would create new life at long last. Fresh blood, another of our kin to replenish those sacrificed. The blazing river was the most hazardous of all the challenges we had overcome. Naturally it was a time of heightened seismic activity, so it bubbled and burped forth huge pillars of flame. The surrounding hills, concealed in smoke, swarmed with muspah. Their bloodthirsty screams piercing the darkness of the night, warning us not to stray far from the lava falls. Only the strongest and most agile mahjarrat would complete the pilgrimage, so I took my place at the forefront of our group to assert my dominance. How foolish I was. As we edged our way along the steep slopes an earthquake shook the ground beneath our feet, freeing great chunks of rubble that hurtled towards us. Despite my evasive manoeuvres I was unable to avoid one of the boulders, which crunched into my chest and sent me flying into the churning lava. The desperate cries of my mate were the last thing that I heard as the fiery river consumed me.

Second deathstone

This marks the deathplace of Kyreetha, whose final memory echoes from the gemstone left within the marker...I had watched to many of my kin be consumed by the fiery embrace of the Falls of Mah. The rocky banks continued to rumble and shake, so I screamed at the rest of our party to follow me into the hills. The legends had always advised not to wander from the river of lava, but I had never placed much stock in the tales of our elders. Always so concerned with maintaining tradition. I loathed them. If only I had known then that my overconfidence would be my downfall. We did not make it far before the ash engulfed us and all we could see in the smoke were the glowing eyes of the muspah horde. On their own - even in their tens - we could have easily dealt with the threat, but there seemed to be hundreds of them. They leapt and bound towards us, and we were quickly separated in the confusion. I must have slaughtered dozens of them before collapsing beneath their onslaught. Within moments they had overwhelmed me, ripping at me with their barbed tails and razor-sharp teeth. They were relentless, hungry, insatiable. They did not cease until all I could see was black.

Third deathstone

This marks the deathplace of Hizzindra, whose final memory echoes from the gemstone left within the marker...Night had fallen long ago and our group was exhausted from the trials of the pilgrimage, so i suggested we seek refuge on the safe ground at the foot of the Falls of Mah. We set up lightning rods, like before, to draw the strikes away from our camp, and tried to get some rest. The ominous shrieks of the muspah kept me awake until I could hold me eyes open no longer. I woke to the earth rumbling beneath me and thick smoke filling my lungs. Around me the air was filled with cries, some of which were my name...What we had thought to be safe ground had been enveloped by waves of raging magma, cascading down as the earthquakes intensified. I was separated from my kin, left isolated on a spot of land that was shrinking before me eyes. The heat was becoming unbearable...but there was no way off. I closed my eyes and prayed to Mah that I might be saved, but when I opened them I was greeted by a wall of flame surging towards me at great speed. I shut my eyes again, and accepted my fate.

Fourth deathstone

This marks the final resting place of Zemouregal, whose final memory echoes from the gemstone left within the marker...Weaklings, all of them. I alone deserved to reach the Enervation site. The only reason I helped them survive the falls was because I needed them to conduct the ritual and secure my legacy. The whole reason I made the tedious journey was to have a son who would take my name and grow to be a great warrior like his father, but things did not go exactly to plan. I selected my mate because of her fearsome capabilities in battle, an ideal candidate to create strong offspring. Unfortunately as we navigated the Falls of Mah she was ambushed by a muspah the likes of which we had never witnessed. The gargantuan muspah caught her with an explosive projectile, knocking her from the rocky ledge she clung to. I was able to catch her before she fell into the lava, but she was gravely wounded. Undeterred by this I dragged her to the marker and went ahead with the Ritual of Enervation. Ever more powerful earthquakes shifted the land and terrifying roars reverberated around us as we channeled our energy. With immense disappointment I realized my mate was too feeble to provide the power required by the ritual, but we had come too far to stop prematurely. Lightning struck the volcanic slopes around us and pillars of magma rose from the lava. In that moment I poured all my force - everything I had - into the ritual. The last thing I saw was an incredible flash of light, and I slipped from this world with those strange roars echoing around my head. I was sure that it was the Mother Mah from legend, reassuring me that I had sired a child destined for greatness.

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