Magma Tempest

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For the targeted version of this ability, see Magma Tempest (Targeted).

Magma Tempest is a basic Magic ability that is unlocked by reading the Magma Tempest ability codex. The ability requires level 66 Magic and can only be used with two-handed magic weapons.

The attack is a 5x5 area-of-effect that hits every 1.2 seconds (2 ticks) over 9.6 seconds for a total of 8 hits and can hit up to 25 targets at a time. The damage stops if the player does not have a mainhand magic weapon equipped and will also stop if the player cannot see their target, such as by being behind a blocking obstacle. The ability continues to damage even when the targets are out of range but can still "see" each other, although the cast range for the ability is still 8 squares. This ability shares a cooldown with its targeted version. This ability is unable to land critical hits.

Usage[edit | edit source]

Magma Tempest is highly effective against groups of clustered enemies as it ensure that every monster in its AoE is hit, which compliments its cap of 25 targets at a time.

The ability is also useful against smaller groups of enemies as it helps heal more from Soul Split, which benefits from smaller damage to heal, along with everything else stated above.

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