Magma Tempest

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Magma Tempest is a basic Magic ability that is unlocked by reading the Magma Tempest ability codex. The ability requires level 66 Magic and can only be used with two-handed magic weapons. Unlike the targeted version of this ability, it works the same way as a "normal" ability, and it can be triggered by Revolution.

The attack is a 5x5 area-of-effect that hits every 1.2 seconds (2 ticks) over 9.6 seconds for a total of 8 hits and can hit up to 25 targets at a time. The damage stops if the player does not have a mainhand magic weapon equipped and will also stop if the player cannot see their target, such as by being behind a blocking obstacle. The ability continues to damage even when the targets are out of range but can still "see" each other, although the cast range for the ability is still 8 squares. This ability shares a cooldown with its targeted version. This ability is unable to land critical hits.

Usage[edit | edit source]

Magma Tempest is highly effective against groups of clustered enemies as it ensures that every monster in its AoE is hit, which complements its cap of 25 targets at a time.

The ability is also useful for healing with Soul Split, as Soul Split has diminishing returns on high single hits.

Achievements[edit | edit source]

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