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Magical blastbox (reward) was removed after an update.
The contents of this page no longer exist in RuneScape, and this article is kept for historical purposes.
For the magical blastbox obtained in Daemonheim, see magical blastbox.
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The magical blastbox was a off-hand slot item obtained as a reward from Dungeoneering. It costed 40,000 reward tokens and could be charged with bolt or blast spell runes to save inventory space, while granting bonuses.

This item was removed with the Evolution of Combat.

Combat stats[edit | edit source]

Rune storing abilities[edit | edit source]

This item can store runes for use in bolt spells and blast spells, along with adding a special critical hit ability to the spells. To use and store runes, place the required runes for the chosen spell in your inventory then choose the "charge" option by right-clicking the box. The capacity of the box is indicated by "Charges". Two air runes and one chaos rune count as one charge in bolt mode, while three air runes and one death rune count as one charge in blast mode. Note that bound runes cannot be used to charge the blastbox.

Once charges are put into the magical blastbox, it must be wielded in order to use the runes. Using a spell will use up one charge and additional runes needed (water, earth, fire or none). The box, unlike most other rune-supply equipment acts according to individual spells. For any single bolt or blast spell, the full amount of chaos or death, and air runes are provided as long as a charge is available. In this way fire bolt and fire blast will have one air rune saved.

For example: A player wishes to cast 100 water bolts, each spell using 1 chaos, 2 air and 2 water runes. 100 charges of bolt spells are put into the box, equal to 100 chaos and 200 air runes. The 200 water runes needed must be supplied from inventory or an item that supplies infinite water runes, not wielded in the off-hand slot. Fire bolt, in turn, requires 4 fire, 3 air and 1 chaos each, and is transformed into 4 fire and 1 charge each with the assistance of the box, effectively making the requirement into 4 fire, 2 air and 1 chaos.

To check, empty the charges, or change mode, the box must be unequipped. If remaining charges are in the box while changing mode, the charges will automatically be returned to inventory space. Doing any of these without enough inventory space will just stop the process.

As the charges are dedicated to bolt and blast spells only, the runes charged into the box will not show up on other spells. That means having no air runes in inventory and wielding the box will show 0 air runes in all spells except bolt or blast.

Critical Hit Ability[edit | edit source]

The Magical blastbox also has the ability to deal an additional 25% more damage which appears in a separate hitsplat (shown to the right). This critical-hit ability effectively pushes the maximum magic hit in F2P to 250 with maximum bonuses, split between two separate hits of 200 and 50.

The critical-hit ability occurs at a rate of once every five casts on a monster or NPC, so it will deal 25% more damage on the fifth cast, tenth, and so on. Switching monsters does not restart the count. Every fifth shot will be critical even if a target dies and another one takes the fifth shot. Note that if you miss once in one of your casts, the critical-hit ability would be moved to the sixth cast and vice versa.

The additional damage only works with bolt and blast spells, but will work as long as the blastbox is wielded. The critical-hit ability doesn't require you to use charges from the box, and it will work with any bolt or blast spell, no matter what setting the box is on. This is useful in minigames such as Fist of Guthix where the player is supplied with elemental and catalytic runes and is not required to use their own runes. (Note, the runes supplied in the Fist of Guthix cannot be charged into the magical blastbox.)

The item can be dropped on the floor, however charges stored in it will not be destroyed. It will not appear on the ground to other players as it is untradeable.

On NPCs, the blastbox gives a 25% extra critical hit every 5 casts. From this we can theoretically infer a 5% Damage Boost on NPCs on every cast (Since 25/5=5). However fighting weaker monsters significantly lower the overall boost value. The blastbox will do critical every 5th shot (with no splashes).

Update history[edit | edit source]

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  • patch 10 January 2011 (Update):
    • The Description for this item now states that it only works when wielded.