Magic whistle

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Magic whistle

The Magic whistle is an item used during and after Holy Grail quest to get in and out from the Fisher King's Fisher Realm.

To teleport to the Fisher King's realm, the magic whistle must be used below the tower located to the north-west of Brimhaven, north of the gold mines. To teleport back, players can just use the whistle anywhere in the Fisher King's realm.

Magic whistle respawns are all around the Fisher King's realm and in Draynor Manor's top floor, if you're carrying the Holy table napkin. It can also be re-obtained at May's Quest Caravan after putting 150 quest points into the Hub Track.

The alternative to a magic whistle is to use Fairy ring BJR to go to the Fisher Realm. If you access the Fisher Realm this way, there are two magic whistle spawns to the west in and near the house with a stove. You must finish the Holy Grail quest to use this method.

The magic whistle is kept by some players after the quest. By first using fairy ring BJR and then using the magic whistle to leave the Fisher Realm, players have a convenient transportation to Karamja and to the Summoning obelisk (used to infuse pouches, and to restore your summoning points) near the tower the whistle goes to.

If the whistle is blown in a place where it won't work, the player is told, "The whistle makes no noise. It will not work in this location." When blown in an area where it does work, a faint whistling noise can be heard.

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