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Magic shops are a type of store throughout Gielinor. The stores are usually represented by a Magic shop map icon.png icon. Magic shops sell runes, staves, and other items related to Magic. There are 14 Magic shops in RuneScape.

Stock varies from shop to shop in type and quantity. In general, easily accessible shops sell only 300 of most runes, while hard to reach or quest locked shops sell 1000 each of the low level runes and may sell other runes such as Astral (Baba Yaga).

Locations[edit | edit source]

Name Location Seller Requirements
Magic Guild Store - Runes and Staves

Magic Guild Store - Mystic Robes

Yanille lodestone icon.png Yanille (Wizards' Guild) Magic Store owner

Robe Store owner

Magic 66
Carwen Essencebinder Magical Runes Shop Burthorpe lodestone icon.png Burthorpe Apprentice Clara None
Betty's Magic Emporium Port Sarim lodestone icon.png Port Sarim Betty None
Void Knight Magic Store Void Knights' Outpost Void Knight Squire None (travel from Port Sarim)
Aubury's Rune Shop Varrock lodestone icon.png Varrock Aubury None
Aubury's Rune Shop (New Varrock) New Varrock Aubury Partial completion of Dimension of Disaster.
Marvellous Mysticism Champions' Guild Mystic Marge Quests 33 Quest points
Ali's Rune Shop Al Kharid lodestone icon.png Al Kharid Ali Morrisane Rogue Trader miniquest
Battle Runes Southern Wilderness mining site Mage of Zamorak (Wilderness north of Edgeville) Enter the Abyss miniquest
Baba Yaga's Magic Shop Lunar Isle lodestone icon.png Lunar Isle Baba Yaga Lunar Diplomacy (partial, completion required for Astral runes)
Lundail's Arena-side Rune Shop Mage Arena icon.jpg Mage Arena (deep Wilderness) Lundail None
Tutab's Magical Market Ape Atoll Tutab Monkey Madness
Mage Training Arena Mg magetraining.jpg Mage Training Arena Rewards Guardian Sells runes for Pizazz points
TzHaar-Mej-Roh's Rune Store TzHaar City TzHaar-Mej-Roh Sells runes for Tokkul.png: RS3 Inventory image of TokkulTokkul
Rune Shop (Anachronia) Anachronia lodestone icon.png Anachronia Rune store assistant Tier 3 Town Hall