Magic bean (woody)

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Magic bean (woody) detail.png

Magic bean (woody) is a type of magic bean which can be bought from the Farmers' Market for 4,000 beans along side other magic beans. It can be placed in wood, spirit, and elder tree patches. When planted, the beans grow in 5 seconds into a tree that the player can plant in the respective patch. The specific tree grown is a tree within the range of the highest tree at the player's current farming level to twenty levels below.[1]

Experience rates[edit | edit source]

Level Tree Base experience for checking health Experience/Bean
15 Oak tree 467.3 0.11
30 Willow tree 1,456.5 0.36
45 Maple tree 3,403.4 0.85
60 Yew tree 7,069.9 1.76
75 Magic tree 13,768.3 3.44
83 Spirit tree 19,301.8 4.8
90 Elder tree 23,241 5.8

References[edit | edit source]

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