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Maemi chathead.png

Maemi is a cat who can be found inside Draynor Manor after completion of Ernest the Chicken with her "pet human", Helda, who "does her bidding" and "attends to her needs". When chatted to, players have the option of talking to or petting her, although she will hiss and scratch the player, respectively.

When chatted to with an amulet of catspeak however, players are able to ask her about Helda and ask her if she has any relatives, to which she responds that "there are no other kittens in my pet's litter", although she admits that she has trouble telling humans apart, to which the player suggests that it would be easier if humans were fitted with identification tags. Maemi believes this to be a splendid idea, and claims that she will bring it up at "our next meeting of the council".

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • If a bucket of milk is used on her, she will lap some of it up.
  • Maemi was originally involved in the Black Knights' Fortress quest, and was a cat owned by Lensig, and was removed from the game with the release of The Death of Chivalry. Like Greldo, she returned, although much later, in the latter half of November that same year.
  • Originally, she was referred to as "Witch's cat", but her name was changed with a rework of Black Knights' Fortress to Black Cat. Her name was changed again to Maemi (although she was referred to as Maemi in dialogue beforehand) when she was added back into the game after the removal of Black Knights' Fortress.