Madeline Harworth

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Madeline Harworth was a researcher for Varrock Museum. She was born and raised in Varrock, alongside her younger brother Harry. Harry was killed and Madeline moved away in Year 116 of the Fifth Age. In Ire of Phyrrys in Year 167, she returned to Varrock to continue her research. During her first night staying at the Blue Moon Inn, she overheard some street urchins speaking of the unusual murder of Puffball, one of their friends, who was strangled by the ghost of a young boy. She spoke with the urchins and got a description of Puffball, which confirmed her suspicion that her brother Harry was killing people who looked like her when she was a child in a case of mistaken identity. She swore to save the others and left her research with a note to deliver it to Varrock Museum.

Her story is told in Family Reunion.