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A player casting the Lunar spell Humidify

The Lunar spells are a set of spells contained in the Lunar spellbook. The spellbook is unlocked upon completion of the quest Lunar Diplomacy. Additionally, players unlock eight more spells with the completion of Dream Mentor, and eleven more spells by playing Livid Farm. While the other unlockable spellbook, Ancient Magicks, focuses primarily on combat spells, and the standard spellbook contains a mixture of all types of spells, the Lunar spellbook is almost entirely composed of noncombat spells. The Lunar spellbook includes teleportation spells, skill-related spells, spells that allow players to aid others in various ways, and miscellaneous spells with unique effects.

All Lunar spells make use of astral runes, with the exception of Home Teleport, which is free to cast, and Polypore Strike, which uses charges from the Polypore staff rather than runes. Note that Lunar spells in general cost the most per cast out of any spellbook, overtaking even Ancient Magicks.

In total, the spellbook contains fifty-two spells.

Overview[edit | edit source]

The Lunar spellbook

The Lunar spellbook contains no direct combat spells that are cast on targets to deal damage, lower stats, or otherwise give negative effects (aside from Polypore Strike, which is included in all three spellbooks and requires the Polypore staff). Instead, most Lunar spells are strictly noncombat spells which offer benefits to various skills such as Crafting and Farming. Furthermore, some Lunar spells allow players to aid others in various ways, such as curing poison, offering teleportation, and restoring life points. The Lunar spellbook is extremely popular as a support system in large group battles against monsters because of its ability to heal allies and then swiftly heal the caster of the spells. The spells become especially useful if users have completed Dream Mentor and can use Ancient Magicks, as the Spellbook Swap spell allows them to use the healing abilities of the Lunar spellbook and aggressive Ancient Magicks spells such as Ice Barrage.

A few Lunar spells can be used to indirectly influence combat. Vengeance and Vengeance Other are two highly sought-after spells which will reflect damage back to attacking monsters or players. Boost Potion Share and Stat Restore Pot Share are used to distribute stat-boosting and stat-restoring potions, respectively, to other players.

Some spells have individual effects that do not fit into any particular category. Monster Examine and Stat Spy allow the caster to view information about monsters and players, respectively. Dream significantly increases the rate at which life points regenerate. NPC Contact allows the caster to speak to several important NPCs from a distance. Spellbook Swap, the spell with the second highest Magic requirement in the Lunar spellbook after Borrowed Power, enables the caster to use a spell from a different spellbook.

Requirements[edit | edit source]

Total level: 579
Attack ---- Constitution ---- Mining 60
Strength ---- Agility 60 Smithing 4
Defence 40 Herblore 31 Fishing ----
Ranged ---- Thieving ---- Cooking ----
Prayer ---- Crafting 61 Firemaking 49
Magic 70 Fletching 25 Woodcutting 55
Runecrafting 14 Slayer ---- Farming 60
Construction 50 Hunter ---- Summoning ----
Dungeoneering ---- Divination ---- Invention ----
Archaeology ---- Attack style icon fixed.png 85 Quest.png ----
Music icon.png ---- Task icon.png ---- RuneScore.png ----

In order to use the spellbook, the quest Lunar Diplomacy must be completed. This requires that players also complete The Fremennik Trials, Lost City, Rune Mysteries, and Shilo Village. To unlock more spells, the quest Dream Mentor must be completed, which further requires the player to have completed Eadgar's Ruse. The last set of spells can be unlocked by completing the Livid Farm. The skills required to unlock all the spells in the Lunar spell book can be seen in the table to the right.

Switching spellbooks[edit | edit source]

Once the Lunar spellbook is unlocked, players can activate and deactivate it by praying at the astral altar on the southeastern peninsula of Lunar Isle. Unlike the altar in Jaldraocht Pyramid where players switch to and from Ancient Magicks, the astral altar will not drain Prayer points.

To reach the altar, players can use any of the following methods:

Additionally, if you can access Prifddinas (requires Plague's End) and have completed the Hard Fremennik Province Tasks, you can switch between Lunar and normal spellbooks using the Elven grimoire in the same building as Haf's Battlestaves in the Cadarn Clan area.

Spell summary[edit | edit source]

All spells that affect players within a 3x3 area around the caster will also affect players standing in the caster's square.

Spell Image Type Magic Level Runes Required Experience Description
Home Teleport Home Teleport icon.png Teleport 0 None 0 Teleport to the city hub of your choice.
War's Retreat Teleport War's Retreat Teleport icon.png Teleport 0 None 0 Teleport to War's Retreat.
Kandarin monastery Teleport Kandarin monastery Teleport icon.png Teleport 1 None 0 Teleport to the Kandarin monastery.
Skeletal horror Teleport Skeletal horror Teleport icon.png Teleport 1 None 0 Teleport to the Skeletal horror.
Manor farm Teleport Manor farm Teleport icon.png Teleport 51 None 0 Teleport to the Manor farm.
Bake Pie Bake Pie icon.png Skilling 65 1Astral5Fire4Water 60 Bakes all uncooked pies in your inventory.
Cure Plant Cure Plant icon.png Skilling 66 1Astral8Earth 60 Cure the targeted farming patch of disease.
NPC Contact NPC Contact icon.png Skilling 67 1Cosmic1Astral2Air 63 Telepathically speak with a selection of useful NPCs.
Cure Other Cure Other icon.png Combat 68 1Astral10Earth 65 Cure the targeted player of poison.
Moonclan Teleport Moonclan Teleport icon.png Teleport 69 1Law2Astral2Earth 66 Teleport yourself to Lunar Isle.
Tele-group Moonclan Tele-group Moonclan icon.png Teleport 70 1Law2Astral4Earth 67 Teleport yourself and all nearby players to Lunar Isle.
Ourania Teleport Ourania Teleport icon.png Teleport 71 1Law2Astral6Earth 69 Teleport yourself to the Ourania Cave (ZMI Altar).
Cure Me Cure Me icon.png Combat 71 2Cosmic2Astral 69 Cure yourself of poison.
South Falador Teleport South Falador Teleport icon.png Teleport 72 1Law2Astral2Air 70 Teleport yourself to Falador.
Waterbirth Teleport Waterbirth Teleport icon.png Teleport 72 1Law2Astral1Water 71 Teleport yourself to Waterbirth Island.
Tele-group Waterbirth Tele-group Waterbirth icon.png Teleport 73 1Law2Astral5Water 72 Teleport yourself and all nearby players to Waterbirth Island.
Cure Group Cure Group icon.png Combat 74 2Cosmic2Astral 74 Cure yourself and all nearby players of poison.
Repair Rune Pouch Repair Rune Pouch icon.png Skilling 75 1Law1Cosmic1Astral 75 Repairs and strengthens the targeted Rune Pouch.
Barbarian Teleport Barbarian Teleport icon.png Teleport 75 2Law2Astral3Fire 76 Teleport yourself to the Barbarian Outpost.
North Ardougne Teleport North Ardougne Teleport icon.png Teleport 76 1Law2Astral5Water 76 Teleport yourself to Ardougne.
Tele-group Barbarian Tele-group Barbarian icon.png Teleport 76 2Law2Astral6Fire 77 Teleport yourself and all nearby players to the Barbarian Outpost.
Superglass Make Superglass Make icon.png Skilling 77 2Astral6Fire10Air 78 Magic, 10-140 Crafting Create molten glass from the resources in your inventory without the use of a furnace.
Remote Farm Remote Farm icon.png Skilling 78 3Nature2Astral2Earth 79 View the status of any farming patch. Also allows any farming patch to be cured of disease.
Khazard Teleport Khazard Teleport icon.png Teleport 78 2Law2Astral4Water 80 Teleport yourself to Port Khazard.
Tele-group Khazard Tele-group Khazard icon.png Teleport 79 2Law2Astral8Water 81 Teleport yourself and all nearby players to Port Khazard.
Polypore Strike Polypore Strike icon.png Combat 80 5Fire1Polypore spore N/A A very powerful air spell.
String Jewellery String Jewellery icon.png Skilling 80 2Astral10Earth5Water 83 Magically string all unstrung amulets in your inventory.
Spiritualise Food Spiritualise Food icon.png Combat 80 3Cosmic2Astral5Body 81 Enchant a piece of food, to allow it to be fed to your familiar.
Stat Restore Pot Share Stat Restore Pot Share icon.png Combat 81 2Astral10Earth10Water 84 Share the targeted restore potion between all nearby players.
Magic Imbue Magic Imbue icon.png Skilling 82 2Astral7Fire7Water 86 Allow the creation of combination runes without the need for an opposing talisman.
Fertile Soil Fertile Soil icon.png Skilling 83 2Nature3Astral15Earth 87 Magic, 18 Farming Magically treat the targeted farming patch with supercompost.
Make Leather Make Leather icon.png Skilling 83 2Astral2Body2Fire 87 Magically tan 5 pieces of leather in your inventory.
Boost Potion Share Boost Potion Share icon.png Combat 84 3Astral12Earth10Water 88 Share the targeted stat boost potion between all nearby players.
Fishing Guild Teleport Fishing Guild Teleport icon.png Teleport 85 3Law3Astral8Water 89 Teleport yourself to the Fishing Guild.
Tele-group Fishing Guild Tele-group Fishing Guild icon.png Teleport 86 3Law3Astral10Water 90 Teleport yourself and all nearby players to the Fishing Guild.
Catherby Teleport Catherby Teleport icon.png Teleport 87 3Law3Astral10Water 92 Teleport yourself to Catherby.
Tune Banite Ore Tune Banite Ore icon.png Skilling 87 2Astral4Earth1Banite ore 90 Tunes banite ore against the targeted creature.
Tele-group Catherby Tele-group Catherby icon.png Teleport 88 3Law3Astral15Water 93 Teleport yourself and all nearby players to Catherby.
Ice Plateau Teleport Ice Plateau Teleport icon.png Teleport 89 3Law3Astral8Water 96 Teleport yourself to Ice Plateau.
Tele-group Ice Plateau Tele-group Ice Plateau icon.png Teleport 90 3Law3Astral16Water 99 Teleport yourself and all nearby players to Ice Plateau.
Disruption Shield Disruption Shield icon.png Combat 90 3Blood3Astral10Body 97 The next hit you receive from another player or NPC is negated.
Trollheim Teleport (Lunar) Trollheim Teleport (Lunar) icon.png Teleport 92 3Law3Astral10Water 101 Teleport yourself to the Trollheim farming patch.
Tele-group Trollheim Tele-group Trollheim icon.png Teleport 92 3Law3Astral20Water 102 Teleport yourself and all nearby players to the Trollheim farming patch.
Heal Other Heal Other icon.png Combat 92 1Blood3Law3Astral 101 Consume 75% of your current life points to heal the targeted player.
Vengeance Other Vengeance Other icon.png Combat 93 3Death3Astral10Earth 108 The next time the targeted player receives damage, 75% of the damage received is instead dealt to the attacker.
Vengeance Vengeance icon.png Combat 94 2Death4Astral10Earth 112 The next time you receive damage, 75% of the damage received is instead dealt to the attacker.
Vengeance Group Vengeance Group icon.png Combat 95 3Death4Astral11Earth 120 The next time any nearby player receives damage, 75% of the damage received is instead dealt to the attacker
Heal Group Heal Group icon.png Combat 95 2Blood3Law4Astral 124 Consume 75% of your current life points to heal all nearby players.
Max guild Teleport Max guild Teleport icon.png Teleport 99 None 0 Teleport to the Max guild.
Borrowed Power Borrowed Power icon.png Skilling 99 3Astral Same as spell used After setting Borrowed Power to a spell, allows you to cast that spell up to 1,000 times.

Dream Mentor[edit | edit source]

Spell Image Type Magic Level Runes Required Experience Description
Monster Examine Monster Examine icon.png Combat 66 1Cosmic1Astral1Mind 61 See details about the targeted creature, such as its maximum hit.
Humidify Humidify icon.png Skilling 68 1Astral1Fire3Water 65 Fills all containers in your inventory with water.
Hunter Kit (spell) Hunter Kit icon.png Skilling 71 2Astral2Earth 70 Conjure a selection of useful Hunter equipment.
Stat Spy Stat Spy icon.png Combat 75 2Cosmic2Astral5Body 76 See details about the targeted player, such as their skill levels.
Dream Dream icon.png Combat 79 1Cosmic2Astral5Body 82 Enter a dream-like state, causing your life points to regenerate at ten times their normal rate.
Spin Flax Spin Flax icon.png Skilling 81 2Nature1Astral5Air 83 Magically spin 5 pieces of flax in your inventory.
Plank Make Plank Make icon.png Skilling 86 1Nature2Astral15Earth 90 Convert the targeted log into a plank.
Spellbook Swap Spellbook Swap icon.png Skilling 96 1Law2Cosmic3Astral 130 Allows you to cast a single spell from the Standard or Ancient spellbooks.
Spellbook Swap Spellbook Swap (Standard) icon.png Skilling 96 1Law2Cosmic3Astral 130 Allows you to cast a single spell from the Standard spellbook.
Spellbook Swap Spellbook Swap (Ancient) icon.png Skilling 96 1Law2Cosmic3Astral 130 Allows you to cast a single spell from the Ancient spellbook.

Update history[edit | edit source]


  • The update history project is a work-in-progress – not all updates to this topic may be covered below. See here for how to help out!
6 July 2020 (Update):
    • Monster Examine spell icon has been updated.
  • ninja 22 June 2015 (Update):
    • Squeezing past the ice block by the Frozen Waste Plateau and using Group Teleport spells to the Wilderness will now produce a warning interface, regardless of player's settings.
  • patch 22 July 2014 (Update):
    • Lunar teleport spells no longer have random black marks around them.
  • update 20 November 2012 (Update):
    • The Energy Transfer spell is removed from the Lunar spellbook with the release of the Evolution of Combat. It previously drained an opponent's special attack energy and run energy; as special attack bars were removed with the update, this spell was rendered useless.
  • patch 31 August 2011 (Update):
    • The new lunar spells from Lunar Farm now use the correct filters on the magic interface.
  • patch 26 July 2011 (Update):
    • Group Vengeance does not give XP in activities where free runes are provided.
  • patch 5 July 2011 (Update):
    • Lunar spells no longer give experience during minigames which offer free runes.
  • patch 16 May 2011 (Update):
    • The lunar teleport spells have been darkened when inactive to better display the difference between them and the Catherby Teleport.
  • patch 15 February 2011 (Update):
    • The Heal Other and Heal Group spell icons have been updated from using a red cross to a purple cross.
  • update 28 July 2009 (Update):
    • Graphically updated the lunar spell book.
  • patch 16 June 2009 (Update):
    • Sharing restore potions via Lunar Magic now matches the recent run energy increases you’ll have seen from drinking the potions normally.
  • update 18 September 2007 (Update):
    • A bug was fixed that allowed players to cast lunar spells on friends in non-multiway-combat areas on the Wilderness.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • No Lunar spells use soul runes.
  • Of the various combination runes, only steam, smoke and mud runes can be useful for Lunar spells, as no Lunar spells use combinations of air and earth runes, fire and earth runes or water and air runes.
  • Currently, Polypore Strike is the only spell in this book that can be autocasted due to the fact that there are no other combat spells.
  • When the rest feature was added, the life point restore rate for the Dream spell was changed from three times faster to five times faster, then changed again in July 2016 to ten times faster in order to reflect changes made due to the EoC update.
  • The Moonclan state that Lunar magic comes from the power of Gielinor's moon, which has since been revealed to be Zanaris. This may explain why the Lunar staff is a modified Dramen staff, the item used to reach Zanaris.

History[edit | edit source]

On 24 July 2006 the Lunar spellbook was added and started with 30 spells.

On 14 March 2012 the Lunar Home Teleport spell was replaced by Home Teleport allowing players to access the Lodestone Network.

On 20 November 2012 Energy Transfer was removed as part of the Evolution of Combat.