Lunar Master

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Lunar Master is an achievement that tracks the player's progress into unlocking the eleven Livid Farm spells.

Players can quickly progress this task by purchasing Livid plants from the Deep Sea Fishing Merchant, or by completing one of Pauline Polaris's medium requests at the Player Owned Farms.

Each purchased Livid plant grants 10,000–40,000 produce points, thus if only purchased plants are used, it will take around 17 livid plants worth 17,000,000 to purchase the 430,000 points required to complete this achievement (assuming 25K average points per plant).

Requirements[edit | edit source]

Spell Total points required Points required
South Falador Teleport icon.png South Falador Teleport 35,000 35,000
Repair Rune Pouch icon.png Repair Rune Pouch 70,000 35,000
North Ardougne Teleport icon.png North Ardougne Teleport 110,000 40,000
Remote Farm icon.png Remote Farming 150,000 40,000
Spiritual Healing icon.png Spiritual Healing 200,000 50,000
Make Leather icon.png Make Leather 250,000 50,000
Disruption Shield icon.png Disruption Shield 290,000 40,000
Vengeance Group icon.png Vengeance Group 330,000 40,000
Trollheim Farm Teleport icon.png Trollheim Farm Teleport 370,000 40,000
Tele-group Trollheim Farm icon.png Tele-group Trollheim Farm 400,000 30,000
Borrowed Power icon.png Borrowed Power 430,000 30,000