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Lumbridge beach boosters were items obtainable from Treasure Hunter from 18 August 2016 to 22 August 2016. They can also be obtained as a specific daily reward from treasure maps.

While the boosters are in the player's inventory, skilling at Summer Beach Party activities will not increase the temperature gauge. Each booster also grants triple the usual amount of experience from these activities, using up one booster per experience gain.

Players are unable to fish raw tropical trout with an augmented crystal fishing rod or fishing rod-o-matic while using Lumbridge beach boosters. Attempting to use them prompts the following message: The magic of your beach boosters interferes with your augmented device, preventing you from using your [item].

If a player deposits coconuts at the Coconut Shy or fish by the Barbecues, one Lumbridge beach booster is consumed for each item deposited. Since depositing does not increase temperature, it is not recommended to use beach boosters when doing so.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

Lumbridge beach booster being consumed
  • Lumbridge beach boosters originally stacked with bonus experience. This was later patched.