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The lucky dragonkin coin is an item that can be obtained as a rare reward from the Motherlode Maw, Wythien, Dragonkin Laboratory, and Nodon Front. Additionally, if the player has assigned at least 100 quest points to the Hub Track at May's Quest Caravan, the treasure chest that players can get from Meg in player-owned port gets access to the same rewards as from Wythien.

It can be rubbed with level 99 Summoning to unlock the Diddykin pet, which destroys the coin in the process after a confirmation prompt.

The chance of obtaining this item from the Motherlode Maw is 1 in 5,000[1], 1 in 15,000 when turning crystal motherlode shards in[2], and 1 in 50,000 chance of getting it as a drop in the Dragonkin Laboratory only while having lucky charms in your inventory.

Attempting to rub another coin after unlocking Diddykin results the player refusing to rub it.

Drop sources[edit | edit source]

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