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Lucky charms are a collection of consumable drop enhancers available for Elite Dungeons. Lucky charms allow bosses, minibosses, and regular monsters within the dungeon to access an additional drop table, the contents of which vary by dungeon - though they all contain onyx dust, elite clue scrolls, and that dungeon's unique material (ancient scale, draconic energy, or black stone hearts). Many of the items on the table can be obtained without a lucky charm, but are significantly rarer and/or only dropped by bosses.

Bosses and minibosses provide a 1/25 chance to access the table, and regular monsters provide a 1/50 chance. Each time a drop from the table is obtained, a charm is consumed. Charms need to be carried in the inventory to be effective.

Lucky charms are purchased from Bryll Thoksdottir's Elite Dungeon Reward Shop for 10,000 Dungeoneering tokens each. Lucky charms are specific to each dungeon (e.g. a Temple of Aminishi charm has no effect in the Dragonkin Laboratory), but can be freely converted between each other using the 'Convert' option.

The available charms are:

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  • patch 19 August 2019 (Update):
    • Converting lucky charms with a full inventory now provides an inventory full message.