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Lucky Dip ticket is only available during Leonard's Lucky Dip (previously Balthazar's Big Raffle), but can be kept after the event.
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A Lucky Dip ticket is a voucher that players can use to enter the daily raffle Leonard's Lucky Dip during September 2021.

Previously during Balthazar's Big Raffle rewards for winning the raffle depended on the day of the week, and a set number of those rewards were distributed each day. This is not case since the introduction of these tickets with Leonard's Lucky Dip, since then the rewards have a chance to be won per ticket and players can choose a category to put their tickets in. Tickets do not need to be used the day they are received. There is a limit of 15 tickets per category that can be entered into a daily raffle.

The raffle tickets available in 2018 and 2019 could be used in any future raffle.[1] In 2021, Balthazar's Big Raffle was replaced by Leonard's Lucky Dip and any existing raffle tickets will be replaced by these tickets.[2]

Mechanics[edit | edit source]

Any remaining tickets were changed into Lucky Dip tickets which can be read for the message "This ticket can be entered into Leonard's Lucky Dip in Burthorpe for a chance to win prizes."

At the beginning of the event, all players were given 10 tickets. Tickets can be obtained guaranteed daily via the following means:

Existing tickets must be stored in currency pouch or space had in backpack in order to receive a guaranteed ticket. Further tickets can be uncommonly found by killing monsters and skilling.

Any missed guaranteed tickets may be claimed later by redeeming a bond for a Lucky Dip ticket reclamation service which continues to claim any missed tickets throughout the event.

As in previous years, they can also be right-clicked to teleport to Burthorpe, and to store them in the currency pouch. While tickets can be kept after the event is over, the teleport function will only work while an event is active.

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