Lucien (2018 Hallowe'en event)

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Lucien (2018 Hallowe'en event) only appears during certain events and may not be currently found in game.
This article is about the Hallowe'en 2018 manifestation. For the Mahjarrat this manifestation is based on, see Lucien.
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Lucien is a giant manifestation of the deceased megalomaniac Mahjarrat that emerged from the chaotic rift during the final phase of the 2018 Hallowe'en event, 'Til Death Do Us Part.

While the real Lucien died at the Mahjarrat Ritual Site at the claws of Sakirth and the Staff of Armadyl during Ritual of the Mahjarrat, this manifestation of Lucien was created through a combination of Xau-Tak's power and Moia's memories of her greatest fear while she was trapped in the rift. [1] Under the effects of the rift, she was exposed to the taunts of said manifestation, which included reminders of her failure to him.[2]

The fight[edit | edit source]

Lucien appears via the portal.

Lucien appears every two hours, which can be tracked from the Event tab of the Community interface. He is level 50,000 and has 10,000,000 LP.

Deaths during the fight are safe, and all damage players deal to Lucien is at least 4000 to 5000 damage per hit regardless of their equipment or attack style.

Lucien has two primary attacks:

  • A magic attack, which throws black flaming skulls at players.
  • A melee attack, in which he uses his staff to attack the player if they are within melee range.

In addition to his primary melee and magic attack, he has several other attacks as well:

  • Summoning zombies: He can summon Unwieldy zombies to attack the player, which will prompt the message: Lucien raises hulking zombies from the ground, watch out! Popping the zombies in a timely fashion will prevent them from pulsating into their area-of-effect attack.
  • Summoning explosive skeletons: He can summon skeleton mages, rangers and warriors from bone piles. When that happens, the following message will appear in the chatbox: Lucien raises skeletons from below! Try not to get caught by their explosions. They explode after five seconds, and can be avoided by moving away from them.
  • Summoning undead hands: He can summon undead hands from the ground to damage the player, which displays the message: Hands begin to grope your feet! Watch out!. This can be evaded by going under the barrier near Moia, and failing to do so will prompt the message: Undead hands rip out of the ground and drag you under., dealing heavy melee damage.
  • Curse: He will occasionally transform the player into a skeleton, dependent on the attack style they are currently using (E.g. Players utilizing ranged weapons turn into Skeleton rangers). This prompts the following message: Lucien has turned you into a skeleton! Move away to break the curse! If the player does not move far away fast enough, they will be hit by a shockwave and explode, instantly killing them and displaying this message in the chat: You didn't move far enough away from Lucien to avoid his shockwave.
Lucien is killed by the combined efforts of the player, Moia, and the riders.

Lucien will also occasionally teleport to one of the pillars in order to channel power from the rift, rendering him immune to any attack. This will show the message: Lucien is immune to damage whilst he channels power through the rift, try attacking the pillar he is channelling from. The player is required to destroy the rift connection he is channelling from in order to progress with the event.

Failure to defeat him within 15 minutes will result in the manifestation despawning, and the following message: Too much time has passed and Lucien's manisfestation has been dragged back into the rift... For now. He has left behind some loot. The player will still receive their rewards, however.

After defeating him, a cutscene plays where the player, surrounded by Moia, Death, War, Famine and Pestilence, will destroy him.

Rewards[edit | edit source]

Concept art.

Lucien's staff is unlocked the first time that he is destroyed, and corrupted energy once per spawn time, including the first fight.

Update history[edit | edit source]

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • During Lucien's return, he says "I have become death, the destroyer of worlds.", which is a line from the Bhagavad Gita.
  • During the fight against Lucien, he will occasionally yell, "Do you see now, gods of Gielinor? Do you need more proof than this?". This is a reference to the video game God of War II, when Kratos yells out this same phrase to the Gods of Olympus after defeating the Colossus of Rhodes, but before being ironically crushed by its hand.

References[edit | edit source]

  1. ^ Moia, "'Til Death Do Us Part", RuneScape. "To my understanding, when I was ripped up into the rift, whatever power it was could see inside my head, bringing some of my nightmares to life."
  2. ^ Moia, "'Til Death Do Us Part", RuneScape. "Whilst I was under the rift effects I could hear him calling to me, taunting me like he had done all the years he was alive. Over and over him telling me how much of a failure I am to him."