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Lucien's camp is only accessible during and after the quest While Guthix Sleeps. It is a cold, Arctic-like region located north of the God Wars Dungeon.

It can only be reached by activating a Strange teleorb upstairs in Surok's room in Black Knights' Catacombs. Players wishing to enter Lucien's camp must bring Dagon'hai robes and should also bring Elite black armour:

  • The armour renders the elite black knights and other opponents in the dungeon unaggressive.
  • The robes are needed to access Surok's room in the dungeon.
  • Wearing either the armour or robes will cause the elite black knights in Lucien's camp to be unaggressive.

Each activation of the strange teleorb requires a Death rune and a Law rune, which are expended.

The monsters in the camp are Elite Black Knights and Undead trolls. Elite black knights in the camp can use Prayer, switching between protection prayers based on the player's attack style. Therefore, players seeking to kill these knights should bring weapons for two attack styles. A knight's prayer will run out after about 20 attacks on him.

Unattackable NPCs are also in the camp: two elite black knights (players talk to him during the quest) and several Undead mages.

During While Guthix Sleeps, players enter the camp and cross over to the Chaos Temple in level 38 Wilderness to watch Lucien summon his army of undead heroes. After the quest, players can return to the camp to fight the knights and trolls there and to cross over to the hut to fight the knights there, too.

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