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Lozar was a wizard from Crandor. When Elvarg, the dragon beneath the island, awoke, she destroyed the settlement. The survivors fled to the mainland, and the map to the island was split into three pieces to prevent anybody from travelling to the island. Lozar took one piece, while her fellow wizards Thalzar and Melzar took the other pieces.

She took residence in east Lumbridge near the River Lum, living there until her death in the year 169 of the Fifth Age. A group of goblins attacked, killing her and looting her possessions. The map piece fell into the hands of Wormbrain, who was later arrested and imprisoned in Port Sarim Jail. Her home is currently in disrepair and inhabited by goblins.

During the quest Dragon Slayer, Wormbrain must be approached to obtain the map piece. He offers to sell it for 10,000 gold pieces, though he may be killed and the piece looted by using Telekinetic Grab.