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"Didymus the Lorehound" redirects here. For the NPC, see Didymus the Lorehound (NPC).
Lorehound (pet) chathead.png
Lorehound (pet) chathead.png
Lorehound (Fremennik Outfit) chathead.png
Lorehound (Elven Outfit) chathead.png
Lorehound (Pirate Outfit) chathead.png
Lorehound (Vampyre Outfit) chathead.png
Lorehound (Quest Outfit) chathead.png

Didymus the Lorehound is a pet obtainable from May's Quest Caravan. It is unlocked by allocating at least 25 quest points to the pet track. Controls and outfit settings for this pet can be found in the customisation interface under the companion pets section.

More quest points can be allocated to the pet track to unlock bonuses and perks for the Lorehound. It can be upgraded to carry around emergency quest supplies, change its appearance, increase area loot range and increasing drop rates for lore books. The benefits of the Lorehound will only work in its normal companion form - overriding familiars will not provide Lorehound perks.

Unlock Cumulative cost Details
Lorehound (pet).png: Inventory image of Lorehound (pet)Lorehound Pet 25 Unlocks the base lorehound pet.
Quest Supplies 50 Lorehound pet can give a rope, a lantern, 2 emergency law runes, and a spade
Fetch 75 The lorehound can retrieve books from the POH bookcase when in any bank area.
Quest Outfits 100 Unlocks the ability to change the lorehound's outfits. Each outfit has associated quest requirements; Fremennik, Elf, Pirate, Vampyre, Quest, and lorehound who is a lorehound.
Loot Range 125 Having the lorehound active increases the range of the area loot by 1 tile (length and width).
Lore Helper 150 Having the lorehound active increases the chance to find certain lore books: Last Riders (One Final Ride), Ripper Demons miner journals (Don't Fear the Ripper), Adamant Dragons (Dragonkin Logs), Monkey clue scroll (Clue's in the Monkey Drool), and Digsite (Sentient Letters).

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Update history[edit | edit source]

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  • patch 1 October 2018 (Update):
    • The pirate lorehound skin now has poly colours when in minimum detail graphics.
    • The secondary lorehound skin will now display it's owners total quest points when examined.
    • It is no longer possible to use the lorehound familiar skins as familiar overrides if you have not unlocked them.