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This article is about the Treasure Hunter promotional item. For the achievements, see Loot Pinata.
For other uses, see Piñata.
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Loot piñata can no longer be obtained in RuneScape after an update but still exists in-game for those who had done so.
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The loot piñata is a promotional item that is available from Treasure Hunter. Each loot piñata can be looted once to receive a reward.

You may place and receive loot from your own piñatas an unlimited number of times. Additionally, you are able to loot other people's piñata five times a day for a single reward (if you do not get a reward, this does not count towards the daily limit. This includes hitting a pinata with a full inventory.). You cannot hurt a piñata using bleed effects or abilities that target more than 1 foe.

It can only be placed in a 3x3 area or larger, and cannot be placed in instances.

Rewards[edit | edit source]

Looting your own piñata will give you a Piñata loot bag. If you loot other people's piñatas, you will receive one of the rewards listed below, up to the daily limit of 5. A maximum of 5 people can receive items from a piñata at a time. Attacking another player's piñata will give the loot directly instead of in a loot bag. The more people attacking the less likely it is to obtain loot for others who didn't place the piñata.

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