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Since the introduction of music in RuneScape 2, the login screen and lobby have featured various songs. The login music has usually been the RuneScape main theme, or some variation of it. It has changed over the years, often changing to unique tracks to reflect the release of new updates and seasonal events.

Songs played in login screen
Date Update Music track Background image
4 April 2022 Extinction Grandmaster Quest - This Week In RuneScape Kerapac's Sacrifice Extinction
4 January 2022 This Week In RuneScape: Het's Oasis Het's Oasis Het's Oasis
29 November 2021 This Week In RuneScape: Wintumber Yak Track & Advent Calendar Scape Santa Yak Track: Wintumber Aurora
25 October 2021 This Week In RuneScape: The TzekHaar Front Zuk's Chamber The TzekHaar Front
27 September 2021 This Week In RuneScape: The Croesus Front The Graveyard The Croesus Front
26 July 2021 This Week In RuneScape: Elder God Wars Dungeon - The Nodon Front The Cursed Warrior The Nodon Front
21 June 2021 This Week In RuneScape: The City of Senntisten The City of Senntisten City of Senntisten
22 February 2021 This Week In RuneScape: Azzanadra's Quest Lullaby for an Elder God The Grand Party
18 January 2021 This Week In RuneScape - Celebration of Minigames! Buried in Time The Grand Party
7 December 2020 TWIR: Raksha! The Shadow Colossus Raksha
16 November 2020 TWIR: Construction Contracts & Premier Club Various unlisted tracks from RuneScape - The Orchestral Collection:
  • RuneScape Theme
  • Harmony
  • A Hero's Return
Construction Contracts
19 October 2020 This Week In RuneScape - 19/10/20 Vault of Varanus Orthen Dig Site
21 September 2020 This Week In RuneScape - 21/09/20 Kneel to Your God Kerapac Track
27 July 2020 This Week In RuneScape - 27/07/20 Kneel to Your God Desperate Measures
22 June 2020 Game Update: Yak to the Shadows Various unlisted tracks from RuneScape - The Orchestral Collection:
  • RuneScape Theme
  • Harmony
  • A Hero's Return
Yak to the Shadows
30 March 2020 Game Update: The New Skill Archaeology is here! Archaeology Theme Archaeology
23 March 2020 Game Update: Zodi-yak Track Various unlisted tracks from RuneScape - The Orchestral Collection:
  • RuneScape Theme
  • Harmony
  • A Hero's Return
Zodiyak Track
27 January 2020 Game Update - War's Retreat & Winter Chill Off Dare to Die War's Retreat
25 November 2019 Game Update: The Ranch Out of Time, Farming 120, Herblore 120 & Yak Track Ranch Out of Time (music track) RooT/Yak Track
5 August 2019 Summer Escape Various unlisted tracks from RuneScape - The Orchestral Collection:
  • RuneScape Theme
  • Harmony
  • A Hero's Return
Summer Escape
8 July 2019 Land Out of Time - The journey begins! Excerpts of Untamed Horizons, On Safer Ground, Discover, Adagio for Anachronia, and Laniakea's Journey The Land Out of Time
23 April 2019 None Welcome To The Easter Fete Default
25 February 2019 Elite Dungeons - Shadow Reef Hadopelagic The Shadow Reef
7 January 2019 Mining and Smithing Rework Various unlisted tracks from RuneScape - The Orchestral Collection:
  • RuneScape Theme
  • Harmony
  • A Hero's Return
Mining & Smithing Rework
17 December 2018 Violet is Blue Violet's First Adventure Violet is Blue
8 October 2018 Til Death Do Us Part Chasm Desecrated Til Death Do Us Part
3 September 2018 Player Owned Farm Ms Granny Potterington Player-owned Farm
13 August 2018 Elite Dungeons - Dragonkin Laboratory Latent Menace Dragonkin Laboratory
25 June 2018 Temple of Aminishi - Elite Dungeon The Sacred Steward Temple of Aminishi
11 June 2018 Hall of Memories Hall of Memories Hall of Memories
29 May 2018 Solak Solak
19 March 2018 Pieces of Hate - Player Gallery Aye Car Rum Ba Pieces of Hate
5 March 2018 Deep Sea Fishing - Royal Spades Pack - Feedback Buttons Deep Sea Fishing Deep-sea Fishing
11 December 2017 The G-Nome Project Scape Santa (reworked)[source needed] The G-Nome Project
30 October 2017 Hallowe'en | Poll Improvements Scape Scared (reworked)[source needed] Ghost Stories of Gielinor
16 October 2017 Dimension of the Damned Misadventure Dimension of the Damned
5 June 2017 Menaphos - The Gates are Open On the Wings of Air
  • Menaphos Characters
  • Menaphos Gates
  • Menaphos Thralls
  • Menaphos Tombs
27 February 2017 Back to the Freezer - New Penguin Quest Back to the Freezer Back to the Freezer
30 January 2017 Nex: Angel of Death Angel of Death (Prelude)[source needed] Nex: Angel of Death
9 January 2017 Memorial to Guthix - Vic the Trader Returns Echoes of Guthix[source needed] Memorial to Guthix
19 December 2016 Sliske's Endgame - Frostworld Part 2 Sliske's Endgame
21 November 2016 Children of Mah - Nautilus Pack - Thanksgiving Children of Mah
10 October 2016 The Arc – Chapter 2 The Arc: Batch 2
6 June 2016 Falador Massacre - 10 Year Anniversary Event - World 111 Summer Special '16
3 May 2016 Mega May - Meg's Cases | May Weekends | Port Boosts Mega May
25 April 2016 New Quest - River of Blood - Vampyre Series Conclusion River of Blood
29 March 2016 God Wars Dungeon 2 Cataclysm[source needed] Heart of Gielinor
25 January 2016 New Skill - Invention Scape Invention Invention
4 January 2016 15 Year Anniversary Celebrations! 15th Year Anniversary
23 March 2015 Dimension of Disaster – 200th Quest Misadventure[source needed] Dimension of Disaster
22 September 2014 Prifddinas - Lost City of the Elves Prifddinas
22 July 2013 RuneScape 3 Now Live Scape Bold RS3 Default
1 March 2011 Patch Notes (1 March 2011) Born to Do This Signature Heroes

Cinematic lobby: Daemonheim

4-10 January 2011 Ten Years of RuneScape! Scape Main [note 1] Signature Heroes

Cinematic lobby: Gielinor

17 September 2009 Living Rock Caverns Scape Theme Battle in Lumbridge

Cinematic lobby: Gielinor

15 January 2008 Summoning! Scape Summon Flames of Lloigh-enn, Summoning
21 November 2006 HUNTER SKILL! Scape Hunter Flames of Lloigh-enn, Hunter
31 May 2006 PLAYER-OWNED HOUSES! Homescape Flames of Lloigh-enn, Construction
31 October 2005 Halloween Update!! Scape Scared (original) Flames of Lloigh-enn, Halloween
11 July 2005 Farming Ground Scape Flames of Lloigh-enn, Farming
11 April 2005 The Golem Scape Main Flames of Lloigh-enn
21 December 2004 Santa, Flax and Castlewars Scape Santa (original) Flames of Lloigh-enn, Christmas
29 March 2004 RS2 Launched! Scape Original Flames of Lloigh-enn
  1. ^ Changed for one week temporarily for 10 Year Anniversary

Update history[edit | edit source]

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  • patch 1 March 2011 (Update):
    • The title screen music has been changed to the "Born to Do This" track.