Login Lockout Update

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Login Lockout Update was a livestream that was broadcast on 26 March 2021.

The stream detailed plans to return locked-out accounts to affected players, as well as rewards. The rewards stated included:

Exclusive Title: "The Returned" / "The Returned Ironman" (for Ironmen)

Exclusive Cosmetics:

  • Cloak of Returning
  • Disc of Returning Weapon Override
  • Disc of Returning Inventory Object
  • 'Returned from the Abyss' Teleport Animation

'Returners Gift' Consumables:

  • 10 Restoration Pod (1H of DXP each)
  • 10 Advanced Pulse Cores
  • 10 Cinder Cores
  • 10 Large Protean Packs
  • 10 Medium Prismatic Lamps
  • 10 Yak Track Task Skips
  • 10 Portable Skillstation Packs
  • 10 D&D resets (members only)