Lockbox (master)

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Lockboxes are a puzzle found in master clue scrolls, as an extra step required in some anagram clues. Once the puzzle is solved, the lockbox should be returned to the NPC to progress the trail. A lockbox skipping ticket (or untradeable version) can be used to skip the puzzle. Lockbox puzzles may also protect a puzzle scroll box (master) or puzzle casket (master).

The goal of the puzzle is to flip tiles such that the entire board is the same symbol - it is similar to the Dungeoneering flip tiles puzzle (also known as lights out), except there are now three possible states for each tile (represented as Attack, Ranged, and Magic). When a tile is clicked, that tile and the four directly adjacent (above, below, left, right - if they are available) will cycle to the next symbol. For a guide on how to solve the puzzle, see Treasure Trails/Guide/Lockboxes.

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