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Worlds Icon.png The official world for Livid Farm is world 124 (P2P).

Livid Farm is an activity released on 4 April 2011 in which the player helps Pauline Polaris run and maintain her farm. The farm is located on the northern part of Lunar Isle. The farm is tended to by casting Lunar spells, and experience is gained in Magic, Agility, Construction, Crafting, and Farming. Working on the farm earns produce points which can be used to unlock new Lunar spells, and, after every spell is learned, wishes that affect training with certain Lunar spells.

Introduction[edit | edit source]

Lokar Searunner approached Pauline after a sea adventure to Karamja, where Papa Mambo gave the crew of the Lady Zay some jade vine sprouts. Lokar brought these to Pauline and asked her to grow them. He called them L.I.V.I.D. (acronym for Lunar Isle Vine is Dangerous) However, due to the danger of the plant and the nature of Lunar Isle, Pauline cannot tend the plants by herself.

The goal of Livid Farming is to gain produce points. There are a set number of activities but they reset every 60 seconds and with practice it is possible to complete all of them during a 60 second round. However, there are no completion bonuses or other reasons to complete every cycle other than maximising your points per minute.

You also earn Magic and other experience. The Magic XP is the same as you would earn with a normal Lunar spell (with the same cost in runes), however you earn additional XP in other skills as well, depending on the activity.

Players without the required Magic level to cast all the spells can still participate in Livid Farming, but doing so earns no Magic XP for that activity and half the normal produce points of the activity (fertilising earns 10 points instead of 20, depositing a bundle earns 60 points, and so forth). If you do not have the Magic level to do a particular action, it may be worthwhile to use a magic potion or vecna skull to boost yourself to the required level.

You may check the possible awards for your levels by right clicking Pauline and selecting rewards, then selecting the tab Tasks. This tab will show if you will gain Magic XP or not as well as produce points earned. Your points can also be revealed using quick chat when you say "I've helped Pauline with X produce."

Requirements[edit | edit source]

No skills can be assisted or boosted

Requirements to complete all the activities with full points and Magic XP:

Requirements to complete all the distractions:

Suggested set-up[edit | edit source]

Main activity[edit | edit source]

Distractions[edit | edit source]

Runes used for distraction are not refunded, but do reward produce. Because of this, it is advised to bring as many as possible of the following runes:

Getting started[edit | edit source]

Entering the Livid Farm for the first time can be intimidating. The other players will be very busy with no time to chat. However, since there is no completion bonus, there is no reason not to take your time while you are getting to grips with the activity.

Looking around will show you the rows of Livid plants. There will be three empty plots and three sick livids among the healthy ones. Further examination of the farm will always show two fence sections that need fixing (along with a place to get lumber from) and will sometimes show livids in a bin ready for stringing (when there are no livids in the bin, Pauline needs "encouraging" instead). Every 60 seconds Pauline will reset the game and the empty plots and the sick livids will change position, and new sections of fence will need repair.

Almost all activities within the Livid Farm are left-click, and hovering the mouse will always show if a left click activity is possible. The simplest activity is fertilising an empty plot that takes only a single click, however all the activities can be completed in two or three clicks. If you attempt an activity and fail (for instance, encouraging Pauline when she does not require it), you will not waste any runes. It does not matter if you start an activity in one cycle and complete it in the next (except in the case of curing a sick livid, where because they have all changed, you will be unable to cure your chosen and now non-sick livid).

If you have only the minimum magic level required to enter the farm, only curing the sick livids will earn you full product points and Magic XP. However all activities can be undertaken for reduced benefits.

Earning produce points[edit | edit source]

Livid (one large and one small flower).png

There are a number of activities that need to be done around the farm that earn produce points.

  • Fertilise empty plots using Fertile Soil - 20 produce points. Click on an empty plot.
  • Cure diseased plants using Cure Plant - 20 produce points. See Identifying the diseased Livid
  • Fix fence beams by using fence posts made from Lunar lumber with Plank Make - 20 produce points. Click on lumber bin to take lumber, click on lumber in inventory to convert, click on damaged section of fence to fix. Take two lumbers from the bin at once to save time.
  • Deposit a bundle of 5 livid that is wrapped using String Jewellery - 120 produce points. Click on livid bin to take 10 livids, click twice in inventory to make two bunches, click on cart to deposit for twice the number of points.
  • If there are no livids showing in the bin, it's time to encourage Pauline by saying some kind words (this does not use any runes) - 100 produce points. Right-click on Pauline and select the correct option, which could be one of the following:
    • Come on, you're doing so well.
    • Keep going! We can do this.
    • Look at all the produce being made.
    • Lokar will really appreciate this.
    • Extraordinary!
    • You're doing a fantastic job.
A helpful way to do this would be to look at the first word or the length of the option. For example, if the first word is "Come," then select the first option. If it's "Keep" or "Lokar," then choose the second one. If it's "You're," then pick the third. Otherwise, if the dialogue is short, then select the fourth option, or if it's long, then the third option is correct.

If you do not have the required Magic level the produce points earned will be halved. The maximum produce points that can be harvested is 430,000; going above this will give you a message to spend some points.

A Livid farm point enhancer will allow the player to gain produce points at 1.5 times the normal rate.

Produce point costs[edit | edit source]

Counting nature and astral runes, and using a mud staff, the cost of produce points per rune is:

  • Cure plant: 20 points per rune
  • Bundle Livids: 60 points per rune
  • Fertile soil: 4 points per rune
  • Fence repairs: 6.6 points per rune

Earning experience[edit | edit source]

Each activity also provides experience in magic and one other skill.

Task Magic
Points Note
Cure Plant icon.png Cure Plant 66 91 140
20 3 patches can be cured per round.
String Jewellery icon.png String Jewellery 80 126 413
120 Twice per round (gained when placing bundle in cart, not wrapping), 2 of 5 rounds.
Fertile Soil icon.png Fertile Soil 83 133 140
20 3 patches can be fertilised per round.
Plank Make icon.png Plank Make 86 137 83.5
20 2 planks are needed per round to fix fence (gained when fixing fence, not making planks). Players can cast Plank Make without having to complete Dream Mentor.

Players who do not have the required magic level to cast a spell do not earn any Magic experience, but will earn the full Farming, Construction, Crafting, or Agility component of the activity.

Experience costs[edit | edit source]

Due to the fact that the only elemental runes used routinely on the Livid Farm are water and earth runes, equipping a mud battlestaff to provide an infinite supply of both will make spellcasting cheaper overall. A staff of earth alone may be a sensible compromise if this is not possible, due to water runes only being used in one spell.

The "Loss Per XP" figures in the following table is based on a specific task's total experience - i.e. not just magic or just Farming/Crafting/Construction/Agility (depending on the activity). However, the "Loss Per xp without magic level" figures are useful in two cases - if you do not have the Magic level to earn Magic XP, and if you want to ignore the Magic XP gained in order to compare just the cost of gaining the secondary skill XP.

Icon Spell Magic level Runes Cost
(with mud battlestaff)
Magic xp Skill xp Loss per xp with Magic level
(with mud battlestaff)
Loss per xp without Magic level
(with mud battlestaff)
Fertile Soil icon.png Fertile Soil 83 2Nature3Astral15Earth 3,453


133 Farming 140 −19.31




Cure Plant icon.png Cure Plant 66 1Astral8Earth 963


91 Farming140 −4.82




String Jewellery icon.png String Jewellery 80 2Astral10Earth5Water 2,728


126 Crafting 413 −5.5




Plank Make icon.png Plank Make 86 1Nature2Astral15Earth 2,306


137 Construction 83.5 −13.29




Identifying the diseased livid[edit | edit source]

Diseased livid interface.png

New players will often waste lots of time at guessing the right shape of a diseased Livid. With some practice, however, a player can easily identify a diseased Livid. The four strains as displayed in the minigames interface are as follows:

  • Top left - One stalk, slightly bent. One large flower.
  • Top right - Three stalks, close together. One large and two small flowers.
  • Bottom left - Three stalks, close together. One small and two large flowers.
  • Bottom right - Three stalks, spread out. One large and two small flowers.

Select the matching diseased Livid from the minigames interface window. Picking the wrong option does not consume runes.

Alternatively, since there is no punishment for choosing incorrectly, you can simply press 1, 2, 3, and 4 on your keyboard all at the same time, and the selected livid will be cured.

Livid plants might appear in black and white if the graphic is set to Software or Safe Mode.

Diseased livid positions[edit | edit source]

If a player is having any difficulty identifying and matching the strains, it is possible to memorise the positions. When a diseased livid appears in a given patch location, it will always be of the same strain.

The positions and matching strains of the Diseased livids
1 2
3 4

Rounds and cycles[edit | edit source]

The Livid Farm works in rounds, each lasting one minute. Five rounds comprise a cycle.

Each round allows the player to perform 3 plant cures, 3 soil fertilisation, and 2 fence repairs, and either to encourage Pauline or to bundle 10 livid plants into 2 bunches of five. Every cycle follows the same pattern, allowing the player to encourage Pauline on the first, second, and fourth rounds, and to bundle livids on the third and fifth rounds.

General strategy[edit | edit source]

  • Start near the farm patches and fertilise the three empty patches and cure the three diseased Livid plants.
  • Encourage Pauline with kind words (alternate rounds)
  • Convert 2 lumber to planks
    • If short on lumber, take 5 from the pile (right click)
  • Fix the 2 fence spots
    • These are either located on the north side, or east side of the farm.
  • Take the produce and bunch it (alternate rounds)
  • Bundle and deposit the produce (alternate rounds)
  • Repeat all steps!
For the fastest time, encouraging Pauline is best done after the three-patch fertilisation and livid curing with spam-clicking each activity in advance.

This strategy earns a maximum of 18,960 points per hour.

Alternative strategy[edit | edit source]

Alternate slightly faster way is to do home world hop method, the goal is to collect, bunch and deposit produce every cycle by hopping worlds, make sure you have something to note down worlds and number it from 1-5.

  1. Choose any world as home world note it as no.1 and wait for Pauline to carry out farm cycles till produce is generated, collect the produce and bunch it. You should do other farm activities while waiting for any of the farm cycles.
  2. Hop to any other world, wait for Pauline to carry out 1 farm cycle 6–10 seconds ideal cycle time. If it generates produce note it as no.2 if not leave it as blank. You can note it for personal reference somewhere else if produce was not generated so next time you don't accidentally hop on the same world again, only do this if produce was not generated immediately after hopping world that generated produce as world no.2 could possibly generate produce after 3rd or 4th world hop.
  3. Hop to any other world than home world and wait for Pauline to carry out 1 farm cycle, If produce it generated note it as no.3 if not leave it blank.
  4. Hop to any other world than home and noted worlds also including world no.2 if it was blank and wait for Pauline to carry out 1 farm cycle, if produce is generated note it as no.4 if not leave it blank.
  5. Hop to any other world than noted and home world and wait for 1 farm cycle, if produce is generated note it as no.5 if not leave it blank.
  6. At this point you should hop back to home world and wait 1 farm cycle and produce should be generated, you have a synchronized world loop. If Produce is not generated as it's quite possible to find a fast cycling world immediately 1 second after a hop while hopping worlds, if this happens wait on home world for 1 more farm cycle, by this point produce should be generated and you should add a 6th world to your loop or switch the fast cycling world with a new world. Ideal worlds should take 6–10 seconds after a hop to cycle. If produce was still not generated after 1 cycle wait, your farm cycles must have been slow and you should hop to home world after 4th world or find a new set of worlds such that they cycle within 6–10 seconds after a hop. (could differ with ping)
  7. Once you have a world loop set up it's time to fill the blank worlds in your notes. After you have collected and deposited your produce, if world no. 2 was blank hop to a new world and wait for 1 cycle, if produce is generated note it down at no.2 if not leave it blank again do this till you get to a world that generates produce. If world 2 was not blank in your notes hop to the same world. Only hop to a new world that was blank on that attempt. for example if world no.1 and no.2 generated produce and world no.3 and no.4 were blank, you should hop to new world after collecting produce from world no.1 and no.2 then find world no.3, if no.3 is blank again after 1 cycle hop to new world and if this world generates produce note it as world no.4, then hop to world no.5 or new world if world no.5 was blank and note it down or leave it blank till produce is generated, hop to home world after and wait 1 cycle to collect your produce. Think of each farm cycle as an indicator to move on to next world whether it generates produce or not. Do this till all blank worlds are filled.
  8. Ideal cycling worlds should be in sync for more than 2 hours after this they slowly move out of sync you will notice this as after doing it for a while Pauline starts cycling your home world faster and faster as you get back to it, where a farm cycle was carried out at 6 seconds after the hop is now being carried out after 2 seconds, to keep your synchronize world loop all you need to do is ditch the home world and make world no.2 as your new home world, keep the same sequence and find a new world for no.5 after which you can hop back to world no.2 now the new home world and do the world loop from there.
  9. It's also possible that any of the world from 1-5 can go out of sync, you will always have an idea of what world is going to go out of sync as the cycles get faster and faster by this time start looking for new world in place of that worlds. remember ideal world is 6–10 seconds wait for a produce cycle. it is possible to fit up to 6-7 worlds in a loop. anything above that and the synchronization time is reduced significantly and a constant search for new world would be needed.
  10. Once a loop is established anyone can join the same loop as long as the player hops along with other player to the same worlds in sync. So only one person needs to find a loop and others can join their loop. hopping the same worlds on different farm cycle would not lead to synchronizations that is why it's important to hop only after home world has generated produce.

Maximum experience point rates[edit | edit source]

Presuming the maximum activities per cycle, the following is a calculation of experience per hour in each skill:

Task XP per hour
15 Cures/Fertile Soils per cycle 33,048 Farming
48 (24 bundle rounds) String Jewellery 12,960 Crafting
10 Plank Make per cycle 6,552 Construction
36 Energy Transfer 6,109 Agility
Above spells totaled 41,244 Magic (assumes level 86+ Magic)
Total gained across all skills 99,913

Complete activity points[edit | edit source]

Assuming the player starts the Livid Farm with at least 91 Magic (or lower with boosts being used when necessary to gain full experience), by the time they have unlocked the final spell, Borrowed Power, with 430,000 produce points, they can expect to have earned (not including distractions):

Overall XP
Skill Experience
Magic Magic 935,430
Farming Farming 749,541
Crafting Crafting 293,937
Construction Construction 148,601
Agility Agility 138,558
The above numbers are close approximations.

Distractions[edit | edit source]

While helping Pauline out along the farm, a number of distractions may occur. Dealing with these distractions are completely optional and reward the standard Magic XP and produce points upon completion (plus you get back the runes you cast, with the exception of losing a single death rune). If you chose the wrong options, you lose all the rune rewards.

Players can complete these diversions even if you don't have the required level, but you won't gain any Magic experience for it.

Help, my Ibis is Sick[edit | edit source]

A sick Ibis appears. Cast Monster Examine on it, and then tell Meteora what is wrong with it.

  • Wing rash
  • Indigestion
  • Bruised ego
  • Cracked beak
  • Crumpled feathers
  • Fishy throat
  • Blistered feet
  • Scratched eyelids
  • Extreme headache
  • Trapped wind
Icon Spell Level Required Runes Required Magic XP Reward
Monster Examine icon.png Monster Examine 66 1Cosmic1Astral1Mind 61 20 Produce points

When a Suqah attacks...[edit | edit source]

A Suqah appears and attacks the farm. Help Pauline defeat it by right clicking on her and selecting encourage.

Icon Spell Level Required Runes Required Magic XP Reward
None N/A None 100 20 Produce points

Murky Pat's Revenge[edit | edit source]

Murky Pat is around the farm. Cast Vengeance Other on the character talking to him, and be sure to pick the correct dialogue option.

Icon Spell Level Required Runes Required Magic XP Reward
Vengeance Other icon.png Vengeance Other 93 3Death3Astral10Earth 108 20 Produce points

Rewards[edit | edit source]

The Livid Farm offers a variety of new spells for the Lunar spellbook and temporary boosts known as 'wishes'.

Spells[edit | edit source]

A spell is gained when the player's Produce reaches the required level and the player claims the reward from Pauline. The produce points are not spent until the final spell, Borrowed Power, is obtained. This means that, for example, the 35,000 points for Teleport to South Falador are not spent when the spell is obtained, so it takes only 35,000 additional points to earn Repair Rune Pouch at 70,000 points. However, to unlock Borrowed Power, a total of 430,000 points are deducted from the player's point total.

Additionally, once players have unlocked Borrowed Power, they can talk to Pauline via the NPC Contact spell.

Spell Level Total points Increment points Description
South Falador Teleport icon.png South Falador Teleport 72 35,000 35,000 Teleports the caster to the Falador farming patch south of the city.
Repair Rune Pouch icon.png Repair Rune Pouch 75 70,000 35,000 Cast on an essence pouch. Pouch is repaired and will take 5 times longer to deteriorate.
North Ardougne Teleport icon.png North Ardougne Teleport 76 110,000 40,000 Teleports the caster to the allotment patches north of East Ardougne.
Remote Farm icon.png Remote Farm 78 150,000 40,000 Allows the status of farming patches in RuneScape to be viewed and, if a patch is diseased, allows you to cure it.
Spiritual Healing icon.png Spiritual Healing 80 200,000 50,000 This will heal your familiar and boost its stats.
Make Leather icon.png Make Leather 83 250,000 50,000 Lets the player tan up to 5 hides per cast.
Disruption Shield icon.png Disruption Shield 90 290,000 40,000 Nullifies the next hit you receive.
Vengeance Group icon.png Vengeance Group 95 330,000 40,000 Casts Vengeance on up to 50 players within a 7x7 square around the caster. When activated, all players around the caster with accept aid on receive the effect of vengeance.
Trollheim Farm Teleport icon.png Trollheim Farm Teleport 92 370,000 40,000 Teleports the caster to Trollheim herb patch.
Tele-group Trollheim Farm icon.png Tele-group Trollheim Farm 92 400,000 30,000 Teleports the caster and the 3x3 square of people around them to Trollheim herb patch if they have Accept aid on.
Borrowed Power icon.png Borrowed Power 99 430,000 30,000 Allows player to use selected non-Lunar spells while on the Lunar spellbook.

Each spell takes on average 2 hours play to unlock.

Once players unlock Borrowed Power, their point total is reduced by 430,000 points and they can start spending points on wishes.

Pauline's reward shop.

Completing all spells[edit | edit source]

For a player at or above level 91 Magic, unlocking all the Lunar spells requires a total of approximately 2690 rounds or 538 cycles. This takes a minimum of 22 hours and 40 minutes and requires the following runes:

These runes are worth approximately 22,140,000 coins with mud staff, Mystic staff or Elemental battlestaff, 23,196,000 coins with lava staff or earth staff, or 27,273,000 coins with no staff. Players below level 91 Magic will require more time, and players below level 86 Magic will require more runes.

It is recommended to unlock one to two spells a day to break up the monotony. Additionally, players might want to wait for the Travelling Merchant to sell livid plants, which can be redeemed for produce points, in order to unlock all the spells without spending much time at the farm.

For tables of the runes and cycles needed and XP gained at different magic levels, see Calculator:Livid Farm.

Wishes[edit | edit source]

Unlike the spells, wishes always cost produce points. To gain access to wishes, the player must first unlock the final spell Borrowed Power. These boosts will last only for a short time, but have useful effects. Wishes require no runes. As the rune cost from gaining produce points from the farm or the Travelling Merchant is higher than what is received from many of the wishes, the money making wishes are useless unless you are playing in ironman mode.

Wish Produce points Coins/point Effect
Unset Borrowed Power! 0 0 Pauline will unset the Borrowed Power spell's spell.
Set Borrowed Power! 18,000 0 Pauline will set the Borrowed Power spell's spell.
Vial My Herbs 5,500 Varies Converts all the clean herbs (noted or otherwise) in the player's inventory into unfinished potions of the same type, up to a maximum of 50 of each herb. Does not work with clean fellstalk, bloodweed or cave nightshade.
Turn Lunar Lumber Into Runes 5,500 3.8 Converts all of the lunar lumber from your inventory into runes. A full inventory produces 25 astral runes, 10 nature runes, 10 death runes, 10 earth runes, 10 cosmic runes and 10 water runes, which is worth 30,285 coins in total.
Give me an Arcane Capacitor 18,000 0 Gives the player an uncharged Arcane capacitor necklace for use with Borrowed Power. Once the charges are used, or if charges are removed, the Arcane Capacitor is destroyed
I'd Like a New Patch! 18,000 0 Provides a one-time allotment farming patch. The patch remains until it is cleared for the first time.
More Planks Please 18,000 Varies Chance of receiving additional planks while using the Plank Make spell, for a period of 20 minutes. Does not apply to Lunar Lumber. Chance is about 1/10 and you receive 1 noted plank if you have space or 2 if your inventory is full.
Gimme Herbs 18,000 2.1 Puts 3 grimy kwuarm, 3 grimy irit, 2 grimy cadantine, 2 grimy avantoe and one grimy lantadyme into your inventory (all noted), which is worth 39,777 coins in total.
Let it rain seeds 18,000 Varies Watermelon, cactus, poison ivy, strawberry, curry tree and orange tree seeds (average of 9 each) appear on the ground for a short time, for the player to pick up if they want them.
Reduce The Fish I Burn 18,000 0 Become less likely to burn fish, for a period of 30 minutes. Does not apply to fish in Dungeoneering. Cooking cape is superior for those with Lv99 Cooking, or the use of Cooking gauntlets.
Protect a Patch for me! 37,000 Varies Gives a patch protection scroll which protects a tree or fruit tree patch while it has a plant growing in it. Players may only use one scroll at a time, but it protects 10 of the same type of tree.
Let it Rain Awesome Seeds 55,000 0.7 More valuable seeds appear on the ground for a short time; which drops 4 Ranarr seeds, 4 Watermelon seeds, 6 Curry tree seeds, 2 Pineapple seeds, 2 Papaya seeds, and 4 Willow tree seeds selling for around 13,588 coins.

Assuming the maximum activities per cycle, and the use of a mud staff, the cost of runes at GE price is:

  • 283,187 coins for 5,500 produce points.
  • 926,795 coins for 18,000 produce points.
  • 1,905,078 coins for 37,000 produce points.
  • 2,831,873 coins for 55,000 produce points.

Achievements[edit | edit source]

  • Lunar Master (RuneScore.png 25) – Unlock all lunar spells. (X/11)
  • Livid (RuneScore.png 40) – Throw a rotten tomato at Pauline Polaris in New Varrock, after having unlocked all Livid Farm spells.

Update history[edit | edit source]

This information has been compiled as part of the update history project. Some updates may not be included - see here for how to help out!
  • patch 19 August 2019 (Update):
    • We have made some changes to the 'Vial my Herbs' reward from Livid Farm:
      • 1. The various juju herbs to will now work correctly when using the reward.
      • 2. The reward will now recognise Arbuck & Bloodweed.
      • 3. Fellstalk will now work correctly when using the reward.
  • ninja 21 August 2017 (Update):
    • Increased the XP rates across the various activities by 50%.
    • Bundled produce, logs and planks are now stackable in the player inventory.
    • Random events will now award the player produce points instead of runes upon completion.
  • patch 7 November 2016 (Update):
    • The cost of Livid Farm spells has been halved, and the difference has been refunded to those who have already unlocked them.
  • patch 18 April 2016 (Update):
    • Updated the description for disruption shield on the Livid Farm reward interface and spell tooltip to mention that it also works against NPCs.
  • patch 7 March 2016 (Update):
    • Lokar no longer speaks about Pauline and Livid Farm before the player has learned about them.
  • ninja 22 June 2015 (Update):
    • Overhead chat no longer appears in the chat log when encouraging Pauline Polaris at Livid Farm.
  • ninja 9 February 2015 (Update):
    • Players can now use keybinds to cure plants in Livid Farm.
  • patch 18 August 2014 (Update):
    • An interface issue with the Cure-plant option in Livid Farm has been fixed.
  • ninja 11 August 2014 (Update):
    • Players can now see their current produce points on a new overlay in Livid Farm.
  • patch 7 January 2014 (Update):
    • The ibis random event in Lunar Farm can once again be completed.
  • patch 11 December 2013 (Update):
    • An issue with the interfaces in Livid Farm has been fixed.
  • patch 13 May 2013 (Update):
    • An issue with a random event at the Livid Farm requiring adrenaline has been fixed.
  • patch 14 February 2012 (Update):
    • The Wish farming patch from Lunar Farm now functions correctly.
  • patch 25 October 2011 (Update):
    • The Lunar Farm rewards interface no longer states that the vengeance spell reduces your produce points.
  • patch 4 October 2011 (Update):
    • The Livid Farm Construction requirements are now listed under the ‘minigame’ category of the advanced skill guide, instead of ‘other’.
  • patch 31 August 2011 (Update):
    • Text no longer overlaps on the rewards interface for the Protect a Patch For Me! wish.
    • The new lunar spells now use the correct filters on the magic interface.
  • patch 19 April 2011 (Update):
    • The Livid Farm rewards interface no longer loads with all buttons highlighted.
  • patch 12 April 2011 (Update):
    • Quick Chat now correctly states the number of Livid Farm produce points that a player has.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Having earned all spells is a requirement for the regular completionist cape.
  • While it requires 5 livid plants to make a bundle, the bundles of livids in the deposit cart are in bundles of 6.
  • The cost and hence effort of unlocking the spells were decreased by 20% in an update on 19 April 2011.
  • The maximum amount of produce points you can have at one time after unlocking all the spells is 850,000.
  • Although the game guide states 60 Crafting is required, the prerequisite quest Lunar Diplomacy requires 61 Crafting.
  • The unlock costs for the spells were reduced on 7 November 2016, and the players who had already unlocked some of them got the difference between the old and new produce point costs refunded with the message: Pauline has returned some of your produce points in a fit of self-loathing..