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This article is about Jagex Events Team. For the Events Team on the wiki, see RuneScape:Events Team.

The Live Events team are a group of Jagex employees responsible for making the Treasure Hunter promotions and all the other Live Game events, such as the Time-limited events. They are also known as the "Valkyrie Team".

Members[edit | edit source]

Current[edit | edit source]

Picture Name Role Employed in
N/A Mod Kalaya Product Manager 2012
Mod Mohawk.png Mod Mohawk Lead Developer 2014
Mod Biscuits.jpg Mod Biscuits Senior RuneScape Animator
Mod Campfire.jpg Mod Campfire Content Developer
N/A Mod Pebble QA Analyst December 2017[1]
N/A Mod Zura Junior Content Developer 2019
N/A Mod Rain Junior Technical Developer 2019
N/A Mod Bowtie Designer 2019
N/A Mod MattHe Events Executive 2013

Former[edit | edit source]

Picture Name Role Employed in Left in
Mod Sayln.jpg Mod Sayln Product Owner 3 April 2013[2] September 2018
Mod Nexus.jpg Mod Nexus Technical Developer 2006 2018
N/A Mod Jam Quality Assurance Tester 2019
Mod Sparky.jpg Mod Sparky 3D Character Artist September 2017 21 May 2021
Mod B3.png Mod B3 N/A 2019
Mod Deadly.jpg Mod Deadly 3D Artist 2012 August 2021
N/A Mod Kylar Content Developer 2018 2019
N/A Mod Labcoat Content Developer 17 December 2019
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