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The following are a list of Novice quests in RuneScape:

Name Members Length Quest points Series
Imp Catcher No Short 1 N/A
Cook's Assistant No Short 1 N/A
Rune Mysteries No Medium to Long 1 Signature Heroes
Pirate's Treasure No Short 2 Pirate
Goblin Diplomacy No Short 5 Dorgeshuun
The Restless Ghost No Short 1 N/A
Vampyre Slayer No Short 3 N/A
Shield of Arrav No Medium 1 Mahjarrat
Ernest the Chicken No Medium 4 N/A
Elemental Workshop I Yes Short 1 Elemental Workshop
Recruitment Drive Yes Medium 1 Temple Knight
Priest in Peril No Medium 1 Myreque
Rag and Bone Man Yes Medium to Long 2 N/A
A Soul's Bane No Short to Medium 1 N/A
Sheep Herder Yes Medium 4 Elf
Murder Mystery Yes Medium 3 Sinclair
Plague City Yes Short to Medium 1 Elf
Biohazard Yes Medium 3 Elf
Nature Spirit Yes Short to Medium 2 Myreque
Gertrude's Cat No Medium 1 N/A
Eagles' Peak Yes Medium 2 N/A
Jungle Potion Yes Short 1 N/A
Observatory Quest Yes Medium 2 N/A
Dwarf Cannon Yes Medium 1 N/A
Fishing Contest Yes Short 1 N/A
Clock Tower Yes Short 1 N/A
Monk's Friend Yes Short 1 N/A
Hazeel Cult Yes Short 1 Mahjarrat
Tower of Life Yes Medium to Long 2 N/A
Perils of Ice Mountain No Medium 1 N/A
Swept Away No Short to Medium 2 N/A
The Death of Chivalry No Long 3 Signature Heroes
Temple Knight
Myths of the White Lands No Medium 2 N/A
The Tale of the Muspah Yes Medium 1 Mahjarrat
Fur 'n' Seek Yes Medium 2 N/A
Rune Mechanics Yes Short 1 N/A
The Blood Pact No Short 1 Signature Heroes
Buyers and Cellars Yes Short to Medium 1 Thieves' Guild
Gunnar's Ground No Short to Medium 5 N/A
One Piercing Note No Medium to Long 2 N/A
Let Them Eat Pie No Short to Medium 1 N/A
Druidic Ritual No Short 4 Druid's Circles
Wolf Whistle No Short to Medium 1 N/A
Death Plateau No Short 1 Troll
A Shadow over Ashdale No Medium 1 N/A
Song from the Depths No Short to Medium 1 N/A
Stolen Hearts No Medium to Long 3 Desert
Diamond in the Rough Yes Medium to Long 1 Desert
Signature Heroes
What's Mine is Yours No Medium 1 N/A
Rune Memories Yes Long 1 Signature Heroes
Demon Slayer No Short 3 N/A
Bringing Home the Bacon Yes Medium to Long 1 N/A
Missing, Presumed Death No Medium to Long 2 Mahjarrat
Broken Home No Medium to Long 1 N/A
Call of the Ancestors Yes Medium 1 N/A
Impressing the Locals Yes Short 1 Tales of the Arc
The Jack of Spades Yes Short to Medium 1 Desert
The Needle Skips Yes Short 1 N/A
Violet is Blue No N/A