List of Gnomecopter Tours player NPCs

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These npcs was removed after an update.
The contents of this page no longer exist in RuneScape, and this article is kept for historical purposes.

Although the characters encountered during the Gnomecopter Tours appear to be players, they are actually NPCs. They are commonly known as Player spoofs. They cannot be interacted with, however, they can be followed and traded with (but it will say that the other player is busy), and they can speak like normal players. As opposed to regular players, when right-clicked they all have an examine feature that simply states A player. They all have their own programmed path which they repeatedly follow. Some of these player NPCs have also appeared in other parts of RuneScape.

NPCs[edit | edit source]

Burthorpe Games Room[edit | edit source]

Welcome to the Burthorpe Games Room.

On the north-western edge of the Kingdom of Asgarnia lies Burthorpe, an enigmatic town on the border of the troll lands. Burthorpe is the current home of Prince Anlaf, heir to the throne of Asgarnia.

The Prince himself hasn't been seen for ages, leaving the running of the town to the Imperial Guard, but his influence is felt nonetheless.

In particular, his passion for boardgames has led to the creation of the Burthorpe Games Room, the vast hall in the cellars of his palace, where all may come to prove their strategic prowess.

The Games Room is a peaceful break from the hubbub of the outside world.

Players may sit on the palace's comfy stools, with the helpful barmaid bustling around, offering relaxing drinks while they challenge each other to games of draughts, runelink, runesquares and runeversi, using runes as gamepieces.

These NPCs appear in Burthorpe Games Room.

Name Level Image Equipment Other notes
Lapsang 130 Lapsang.png Dharok's platebody, Dharok's platelegs, Warrior helm, Obsidian cape, Fighting boots, Culinaromancer's gloves 9 Named after Lapsang souchong, a type of tea
Souchong 105 Souchong.png Red Stripy pirate shirt, Pirate leggings, Pirate boots, Bandana and eyepatch, Games necklace
Employedman 91 Employedman.png Castlewars cloak, Castlewars hood, Castlewars brace, Silver-Blue Decorative legs, Silver-Blue decorative body, Steel boots
M0m Online 69 M0m Online.png Zamorak Vestment robe top, Zamorak Vestment robe bottom, Zamorak Vestment cloak, Zamorak Stole, Red partyhat, Boots (Canifis), Gloves (Canifis)
Fairtrade 93 Fairtrade.png Enchanted hat, Enchanted top, Enchanted robe, Boots of lightness, Gnome scarf Reference to Fairtrade, a product certification. May be another tea reference
Earlgrey 87 Earlgrey.png Karil's coif, Karil's leathertop, Karil's leatherskirt, Ava's Accumulator, Amulet of glory Named after Earl Grey tea
Madam C 73 Madam C.png Skeletal armour set, Cape of legends, Amulet of power
Randomdood 86 Randomdood.png Moonclan armour set
Milknosugar 127 Milknosugar.png Blue dragonhide blessed set, Fletching cape, Amulet of strength, Rune boots Milk and sugar are commonly used in tea
Sliceoflemon 124 Sliceoflemon.png Void knight top, Void knight robe, Void knight gloves, Void knight mage helm, an Amulet of magic Lemon is sometimes used in tea
Dodgy Penny 102 Torag's helmet, Torag's platebody, Torag's platelegs, Rune boots
Berrybree 68
Hotwater 81 Hotwater.png Rune platebody, Rune platelegs, Gloves (Canifis), Boots (Canifis) Hot water is used to make tea
Teapotspout 94 Spined helm, Spined body. Spined chaps, Fire cape, Amulet of glory Teapots, too, are tea-related
Lady Seenit 138
Heidiggle 98 Bomber jacket, Cap and goggles, Gnome scarf
Learking 83 Reference to King Lear
Letham 111 Reference to Hamlet
Shadydude98 98 Reference to Dark Dude 98, the first player to appear on the Summoning hiscores and former Rune Tips staff member
Stuffstuffer 69

Burgh De Rott[edit | edit source]

Name Level Image Equipment Other notes
Elfinlocks 93 Elfinlocks.png Blue partyhat, Abyssal whip, Rune boots, Spined chaps This was Elfinlocks' 3rd appearance on Runescape. She was originally the unfortunate victim who lost her Blue partyhat in a drop during the Draynor Bank Robbery heisted by the Wise Old Man. She could be seen in Burgh de Rott lighting fires for the villagers.
Sannytea 108 Rune platebody, Rune platelegs, Dragon boots, Black mask, Fire cape, Barrows gloves He could be seen tending to the Bank. His name is a possible play on the word "sanity".
Uberlass 103 Berserker helm, Obsidian cape, Rune boots, Rune platelegs, Rune platebody (t) Dorgeshuun Heraldic shield, Amulet of fury She could be seen tending to the Furnace
Irollsixes 113 Silver sickle, Helmet of neitiznot, Bandos chestplate, Bandos tassets, Obsidian cape, Dragon boots, Amulet of strength (t) He could be seen fighting Vampyre juvinates on the east side of town, along with Foxyhunter
Foxyhunter 118 Rune crossbow, Rod of ivandis, Helmet of neitiznot, Black dragonhide chaps, Black dragonhide body, Ranger boots, Obsidian cape, Black dragonhide vamb, Amulet of fury She could be seen fighting Vampyre juvinates on the east side of town, along with Irollsixes
Missi Sissi 98 Light Mystic hat, Light Mystic robe top, Light Mystic robe bottom, Light Mystic gloves, Light Mystic boots She could be seen tending to the General store

Pest Control[edit | edit source]

Name Level Image Equipment Other notes
What Goudron 107
Wraithboss 102
Explosive67 100 Reference to abomb67, former Rune Tips staff member
Droepedoff 88
Distantthin 89 Distantthin.png Amulet of strength, Dharok's greataxe, Zamorak cape, formerly an unholy book He originally wielded a Dharok's greataxe and an unholy book, which is not possible for normal players since the greataxe is two-handed. The unholy book was later removed in an update.

Reference to Slimfar, former Rune Tips staff member.

Allmarshes 98 Reference to All_Bogs, former Rune Tips staff member
Bigface Oz 118 Possibly a Wizard of Oz reference
Lostme 130
Wizzydumped 130
Skydischarge 127 Reference to Lightning, former Rune Tips staff member
Agplus 107 Reference to Silverion, founder of Rune Tips
Chiercat 113
Ohhhhdude 117
Deepkiwi 115
Airstriker 107 Named after the Air Strike spell
Assassin10 115
Solltalk 122 Reference to Sunspeak, former Rune Tips staff member
Steallake 113 Reference to Laikrob, former Rune Tips staff member
Hm Val 126 Reference to QueenValerie, former Rune Tips staff member
Poledragon 114 Reference to Dragontotem, former Rune Tips staff member
Al Truism 116 Play on the word Altruism
Lvzyoda 117 Possible reference to Star Wars character Yoda
Oddskater 129 Reference to Sk8erfreak, former Rune Tips staff member
Alpha1beta 111 A reference to Mod Ash's original account A1B2.
Plzpudding 125 Dharok's platebody and Dharok's platelegs, Abyssal whip, Toktz-Ket-Xil, Dragon boots, Amulet of fury, Archer helm, Dragon gloves

Lletya[edit | edit source]

Name Level Image Equipment Other notes
I like m0m 95 I like m0m.png Spined armour, a rune 2h sword, glory amulet, and a fire cape Players could spot him fighting Elf warriors using the Protect from Melee prayer near the west entrance to Lletya
Wigglewoo 130 Wigglewoo.png Dharok's platebody, Dharok's platelegs, a Warrior helm, a pair of Fighting boots, dragon gloves, Obsidian cape and wields an Abyssal whip This NPC could be seen in the south-east corner of Lletya while using the Gnomecopter service
Orangeowns 72 Orangeowns.png Full Void knight equipment with Void mage helmet,a amulet of magic a Dragon dagger p++, bronze defender and a legends cape He could be seen in north east corner of the village fighting with an Elf Warrior and used Protect from Ranged while fighting
Lollery 82 Lollery.png Full Moonclan clothing,an Amulet of power She could be seen picking flax in the field near the Bank. She then brought it to the spinning wheel in Lletya's crafting shop, and spun it into bowstrings. She would then deposit the bowstrings in the bank and repeat the process
Qutiedoll 99 Qutiedoll (Gnomecopter).png Trimmed fletching cape, Blessed dragonhide armour, rune boots,an Amulet of strength Qutiedoll was also a victim of the Draynor Bank Robbery, during which the Wise Old Man killed a number of bankers, guards, and fake players. He could be seen wandering Lletya

Icy Hunter Area[edit | edit source]

Name Level Image Equipment Other notes
Cool Mom227 83 Cool Mom227.png Butterfly net, Chef's Hat, Cape of legends Cool Mom227 was also present during the Draynor Bank Robbery, in which she was thieving from the Seed stall and fighting the Market guard. She could be seen attempting to catch butterflies.
Sue Spammers 112
Killerwail 86 Castle Wars hood, Castle Wars cloak, Karamja gloves, Studded body Play on "killer whale"
Purepker895 52 Purepker895.png Rogue's Mask, Rogue's Body, Rogue's Trousers, Rogue's Gloves, Rogue's Boots, Butterfly net He was also an unfortunate victim who lost his Rogue Armour in a drop during the Draynor Bank Robbery heisted by the Wise Old Man.
Sarah Domin 76 Sarah Domin.png Noose wand, Void knight top, Dragon boots A reference to Saradomin.
Cow1337Killr 123 Cow1337killr.png Rune platebody, Rune boots, Rune plateskirt, Obsidian cape, Klank's gauntlets, Dharok's helmet, Dharok's Greataxe Cow1337Killr is a more commonly seen player spoof. He has appeared during the Animal Magnetism quest, killing Undead cows in Morytania.
Pkmaster0036 87 Black full helm, Black platebody, Black platelegs, Black longsword, Leather gloves, Leather boots Pkmaster0036 appears in the Garden of Tranquillity quest, killing 2 Guards to make way for the player to get away with the statue.
Moglewee 103 Spotted cape, Rune hatchet, Polar camo top , Polar camo legs Involved in the trapping of a sabre-toothed kyatt.
Mathdude 93 Spottier cape, Kyatt hat, Kyatt top, Kyatt legs, Rune axe
1337sp34kr 63 1337sp34kr.png Rune hatchet, Polar camo top, Polar camo legs He was also an unfortunate victim who was killed during the Draynor Bank Robbery heisted by the Wise Old Man.

Castle Wars[edit | edit source]

Name Level Image Equipment Other notes
Abstractclas 72 Red dragonhide armour, Ranger boots, Magic shortbow Most likely a reference to Java's "abstract classes"
Boolean 101 Fighter torso, bandos tassets, Dragon boots, Amulet of glory, Bandos godsword This is probably a reference to the Boolean datatype in computer programming. The datatype can hold one of two values - "true" or "false". The combat level may also be a reference to the same, as Boolean values are internally stored by single zeroes or ones
Morrisnorris 83
Nullpointer 61 A programming joke; see null pointer
Ketchuppl0x 108
Stress Diva 79 Guthan's chainskirt, Guthan's helm, Guthan's platebody, Guthan's warspear, Rune boots A reference to a player Pmsdiva, a former member of The Clan and friend of Mod Ash.
Treadsoftly 106
Evil Wibbler 69 Snakeskin armour, Dorgeshuun crossbow, Elemental shield
Bigbluebox 93 Red dragonhide body, Red dragonhide chaps, amulet of accuracy, dark bow, dragon arrows, and unknown boots This NPC's name could be a reference to Doctor Who's TARDIS. It could also be a reference to the game developer company Lionhead Studios who use Big Blue Box as an identifier on their games
Funorbrox 126 Funorbrox.png Ancient staff, Ahrim's robetop and Ahrim's robeskirt, Amulet of fury, Infinity boots, Barrows gloves, Mage's book She could be found near the bridge on the red team's end of the central island casting Ancients spells on the nearby blue team players. Her name is in reference to Funorb, another gaming site Jagex released some weeks before.
Knickknack 87 These NPC's names are a reference to the nursery rhyme This Old Man.
Paddywhack 63
Giveadog 8
Abone 74
Rollinghome 112 Abyssal whip, Verac's brassard, Verac's plateskirt, Amulet of glory, Dragon sq shield, and Dragon boots This NPC's name is a reference to the 'This Old Man' nursery rhyme. This is the last phrase from the song
Fixmydoorup 9 A reference to the Castle Wars game itself
Doorbellpl0x 52 White decorative armour, Decorative legs, Rune scimitar, Amulet of power, and Rune boots This may also be a reference to the Construction skill, as well as the player above
Windstrike32 9 Named after the Air Strike spell, which was formerly known as Wind Strike
Badgerfreak 118
Bluehairlass 85
Donkey Wrong 93 Splitbark body, Splitbark legs and Splitbark boots, Amulet of glory, Dragon sq shield and Ancient staff His name is referenced to Donkey Kong
Frondlike 103 Spined body, Spined chaps, Spined gloves and Spined boots, Amulet of glory and Seercull
Happy Spud 112 Happy Spud.png Dragonfire shield, Amulet of glory, Rune crossbow, Karil's leathertop, Karil's leatherskirt
Creapantic 10 Black dragonhide body, Black dragonhide chaps, Amulet of glory, Crystal bow, and unknown boots
Nobodyhere 82 Red dragonhide body, Red dragonhide chaps, Amulet of power, Magic shortbow, Rune arrows, and Ranger boots
Freakypeaky 3
Wolfy Lars Level
Dan the Tiny Level
Val Razz 72 A reference to Valaraz, former leader of The Clan.
Mythmaster 87 Green dragonhide trimmed set, Dark bow, and Infinity boots
Trunka Lex 86 Dark bow, Red dragonhide armour, Boots, Amulet of accuracy
Ilikekebabs 76
Spacebadgers 53
2scompany 76 Dragon longsword, Zamorak plateskirt, Rune platebody, Amulet of strength, Rune boots, and Gloves This is a reference to the idiom "two's company, three's a crowd", as are the next two character's names
3sacrowd 103 Verac's brassard, Verac's plateskirt, Abyssal whip, Dragon boots, Amulet of glory, and Black defender
4sjustsilly 103 Infinity robes, Master wand, Amulet of fury, and Mage's book
Roadblocked 68 Granite body, Granite legs, Granite shield, Amulet of defence, Dragon dagger (p++), and unknown boots
Heresjohnny 118 A reference to The Shining
Matt Blitzer 138
Mogglewump 105 Guthan's platebody and Guthan's chainskirt, Barrows gloves, Dragon boots, Amulet of glory, Rune defender, and Abyssal whip
Renderorder 6 A reference to image and object order rendering
Helphelphelp 76
Readheadmonky 81 He was the only NPC in this area to be capable of dying. Every other NPC would be healed when near death. Note the fact his name has 13 letters, 1 above the legitimate limit of 12
Wallscaler 62 Possibly a reference to the ability to scale the battlement walls in Castle Wars
Stopthief 76