Limpwurt plant/Growth stages

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1Limpwurt plant (stage 1).pngLimpwurt plant (watered, stage 1).pngN/AN/A
2Limpwurt plant (stage 2).pngLimpwurt plant (watered, stage 2).pngDiseased limpwurt plant (stage 2).pngDead limpwurt plant (stage 2).png
3Limpwurt plant (stage 3).pngLimpwurt plant (watered, stage 3).pngDiseased limpwurt plant (stage 3).pngDead limpwurt plant (stage 3).png
4Limpwurt plant (stage 4).pngLimpwurt plant (watered, stage 4).pngDiseased limpwurt plant (stage 4).pngDead limpwurt plant (stage 4).png
5Limpwurt plant (grown).pngN/AN/ADead limpwurt plant (stage 5).png