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A lightweight feather is an item that could be gained from Treasure Hunter and through training Agility and Fletching between 10-14 March 2016. It is used to create the Nimble outfit and Fletcher's outfit by trading 500 feathers for each outfit piece from either Drill Sergeant Hartman or Alison Elmshaper. Players can use the feathers to teleport to Drill Sergeant Hartman. 75 feathers can also be traded for a medium lamp in their respective skills.

They were found once every 10–15 minutes while training Agility (including serenity posts) or Fletching, with 15 given at once. Consequently, purely through skilling, it would have taken a player 67 to 100 hours in-game time to obtain the necessary feathers required for the Nimble and Fletcher's outfits.

Remaining lightweight feathers were converted into 10 coins each on 28 March 2016.

Combat stats[edit | edit source]

Agility - post-99 analysis[edit | edit source]

Silverhawk feathers currently trade at 2,322, therefore Agility XP is buyable at around 2 coins per XP.

The Nimble outfit will provide a 6% experience boost. Assuming normal training (i.e. ignoring silverhawk boots and lamps), between level 99 and 200m it will provide 11,217,934 XP. An equivalent amount of XP bought with silverhawk feathers would cost 30,288,422 coins. This is equivalent to 0 bonds or 6 keys. Indications are that far fewer keys are required on average (possibly 75-100) to win sufficient feathers for the Nimble outfit, especially if hearts of ice are used. Therefore if you are looking to speed up Agility training by 11 million XP it's nominally worth buying bonds for GP instead of silverhawk feathers. However, if silverhawk feathers are used in addition, the XP gained from these will not be boosted, thus reducing the benefit from the nimble set. This analysis also does not take current value into account, and will need to be modified for those with different XP targets.

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