Light jungle

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For light jungle vines, see Overgrown idol.

Light jungle is one of the three types of jungle, along with medium jungle and dense jungle. It can be cut with a machete at level 10 Woodcutting, giving 32 experience, and yields thatch spar light. All three Thatch spars can be used to make skewer sticks and are used in the Tai Bwo Wannai Cleanup minigame.

They are the easiest to cut of the jungle trees. They, along with the other jungle trees are known for giving many different "random events" such as snakes, mosquitoes, gem rocks, and gout tuber.

These are the most common jungles cut of the three because of how easy it is to cut making it faster to get gout tubers, which are currently worth 4,662,036 in the Grand Exchange.

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