Light creatures' creators

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The unnamed creators of the light creatures were a race who lived upon Gielinor prior to the God Wars. The race appears to have been very alien in comparison to races still living in Gielinor: Lady Hefin describes the light creatures' creators as unlike any people she had seen, and according to Juna, the race had bodies "as fragile as snowflakes". Despite their fragile bodies, the creators of the light creatures built several crystal cities which, according to Juna, stood for a thousand years. The light creatures' creators' crystal cities had spires that reached to the sun, through which the wind wispered to fill them with street harmonies, and sunlight was drawn through the precious gems that studded the towers to flash every surface of the city with rainbow beams: at their height, the gem-cast light-shows were so marvellous that light creatures were created in the process. The creators of the light creatures had never worshiped any deities and thus had no god to protect them, which lead to their cities' destruction when the gods went to war during the God Wars, leaving the light creatures as the only survivors.[1][2]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The light creatures' creators were known for a time by the players as the Myriad, due to a figure of speech in Juna's dialogue about the light creatures being misinterpretated as the race's name.

References[edit | edit source]

  1. ^ Juna, RuneScape. "Myriad and beautiful were the creatures and civilizations of the early ages of the world. Gielinor was a work of art, shaped lovingly over the millennia by the creative mind of Guthix. Only the sturdiest races survived the God Wars, and even then by only abandoning their high culture and gearing the societies towards war. Of the more delicate races there is now no trace, and almost no memory. One such race had bodies as fragile as snowflakes, yet they built crystal cities that stood for a thousand years. The wind would whisper through the spires and fill them with street harmonies, and the rising sun would shine through the precious gems that studded the towers and create inter players of light as if rainbows were dancing. Indeed, so marvellous was this light-show at it's height that the patterns of light themselves became alive, and the great flocks of luminous creatures rode along the gem-cast beams, each drawn to its own colour. The creatures you see floating in this chasam are the last sorry remnants of that age. I do not know how they made their way here and survived to this time, but I am grateful for their company."
  2. ^ Hefin: A Vision of the Light Creatures, written by Lady Hefin, RuneScape. "A crystal city, like but unlike ours. Its spires reached to the sun and drew its light down so that every surface flashed with colour. From these rainbow beams the light creatures were born. They were not the city's builders. Its builders were unlike any people I have seen, and they were surrounded - in the light creature's memory - by an aura of grief, like the memory of a long-dead loved one. The builders of the rainbow city had worshiped no god. When the gods went to war, their opening salvos blasted the city to nothing and left no survivors save the light creatures. They had no god to protect them."