Light 'Em Up!

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Light 'Em Up! is an achievement that requires the player to burn at least 15 logs at once using the Pyromaniac perk. Protean logs will not work.

The Pyromaniac perk needs to be in a tool gizmo and attached to a tool.

Method[edit | edit source]

  1. Create the Pyromaniac perk (the higher the rank, the better) in a tool gizmo by using 5 explosive components.
  2. Attach the tool gizmo with the Pyromaniac perk to an augmented crystal tinderbox or a pyro-matic (a level 20 item provides an increased chance of activating the Pyromaniac perk).
  3. Summon a beast of burden familiar and fill its inventory with any tradeable (i.e. non-protean) logs to be burned.
  4. Set the familiar's left-click option to "Take BoB".
  5. Create a bank preset which fills the familiar's inventory as well as your inventory with the same type of logs.
  6. Equip the device with the Pyromaniac perk.
  7. Begin burning logs at a bonfire, taking from the familiar when needed, so as to never have fewer than 15 logs in your inventory.
  8. Once the familiar's inventory is empty and there are 15 logs left in your inventory, bank and load the preset.
  9. Repeat steps 7-8 until the Pyromaniac perk triggers, thus unlocking the achievement.