Life altar

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Life altar.png
Life altar
Release date 20 June 2016 (Update)
Kingdom N/A
Members area No
Main music Life Altaring
Leader None
Teleportation Life altar portal (Gower Quest)
Bank map icon.png No Altar map icon.png None
Life altar map.png

The Life altar is a Runecrafting altar located through a portal in the Behind the Scenes pub. The life altar is the source of life runes. Unlike the rest of the Runecrafting altars in Gielinor, it does not require rune essence or pure essence in order to function. The life altar continuously creates life runes without any input, which must be turned into cabbages by a cabbagemancer. These cabbages are then sent to Gielinor's cabbage farms, where it appears as if they've grown there.[1]

If a cabbagemancer is not actively tending the life altar, there is a danger that it will overload and explode, ending both the flow of cabbages to Gielinor and the supply of respawn-enabling life runes to the inhabitants of Behind the Scenes.[2][3]

During the Gower Quest the player is required to repair the life altar using 3 life altar fragments. The Black Knight Titan had killed the previous cabbagemancer so he could steal the disk of returning from anyone who would come to investigate what happened, and the player must defeat him after repairing it.[4] After the quest, Ian, Andrew, and Paul become the cabbagemancer caretakers of the life altar.

To return to the Life altar, activate the Disk of returning from the quest in any bank area and go to the Behind the Scenes pub. The life altar portal can easily be identified by the lush green grass south-east of the landing zone. It is east of the tele location and directly south of Clawdia.

References[edit | edit source]

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