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Lexicus Runewright's journal is a journal written by Lexicus Runewright from whom the player may also receive it as a drop. It can be viewed by talking to the Dungeoneering tutor. It is the eighth Miscellaneous journal.

It mentions killing 'Bill' who is almost certainly Bilrach, the Mahjarrat who summoned demons and forgotten warrior, mages, and rangers into the dungeon.

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Transcript[edit | edit source]

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4th Age, year 1724. Date unknown.

Entry 1

These past five years have elapsed so quickly that, were it not for the calendar hanging on my wall - each day marked off with a tally drawn by my own hand, or that of my beloved Astea, I would refuse to believe it had been five years at all. Silence and solitude have been available in ample amounts as I chronicle our descent towards what Bill believes will be the magical discovery of a thousand lifetimes, but their appeal wears thin. Later, I shall don my fur coat and brace the cold nearer the surface; I can bear the loneliness no longer, I must see my Astea.

Entry 2

I am growing suspicious of Bill's intent. I fear paranoia has addled his mind; he has tasked Astea and myself with sealing the way from the surface, to protect the discovery from those who would take it from him. He trusts me enough to task me with this - perhaps I can get him to confide in me further. I would feel much more at ease if I knew what it was we are digging towards, and why it is so important to prevent anyone else getting in, even at the cost of their lives. I will speak with him tomorrow, but for now, I go to Astea. She has been acting strangely since we were given this task. I think she shares my concern; perhaps we can find comfort in each other's words.

Entry 3

We stand at the precipice. Bill would cast us all over into the darkest of darkness, and bring ruin to us all. Astea and I must confront him. May the gods give us strength.