Let's Play Orthen, the new Archaeology dig site // RuneScape Weekly Stream (Oct 2020)

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Let's Play Orthen, the new Archaeology dig site // RuneScape Weekly Stream (Oct 2020) was a livestream that was broadcast on 23 October 2020.

The stream featured Mod Poerkie, Mod Spear and Mod Rowley and gave players a first look at the gameplay of the Orthen Archaeology Dig Site.

Description[edit | edit source]

Today we are taking you on a first expedition into the depths of Orthen - the capital city of the dragonkin - and new Archaeology dig site!

What other secrets might be lying just below Anachronia's surface? It’s about time we found out...

⭐️ Play RuneScape for free on Steam: https://rs.game/Steam​

🕑 Timestamps:
0:00​ - Intro
2:38​ - Hotfixes and Feedback
10:00​ - Archaeology Intro
11:47​ - Potion Recipes Drop Rates
13:59​ - Journal Page RNG
15:51​ - Excavating Explained
19:48​ - Where do Potion Recipes drop
21:46​ - Dinosaur Skeleton Explained
27:09​ - Research Explained
30:31​ - Starting Archaeology
36:12​ - Restoration and Relics Explained
40:53​ - Archaeology Urns
42:05​ - Augmentable Skilling Offhands
34:36​ - Archaeology Storage Box
43:56​ - Third Recipe for Aggro Overload
44:17​ - More Archaeology Achievements
45:02​ - Bladed Dive with Skilling Offhands
46:06​ - Digsite in the Wilderness
46:25​ - Archaeology Outfit in LootScape
47:08​ - Does Volcanic Ash Work in Yak Track

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