Let's Play - Azzanadra's Quest | RuneScape Weekly Stream (April 2021)

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Let's Play - Azzanadra's Quest | RuneScape Weekly Stream (April 2021) was a livestream that was published on 14 April 2021.

The stream hosted a Let's Play of Azzanadra's Quest.

Description[edit | edit source]

We're back on the air this week for a special behind-the-scenes moment with two of our most esteemed lore masters Mod Raven and Mod Jack.

And today we're playing Azzanadra's Quest with their live commentary – the first chapter in the Elder God Wars epic saga. Expect to learn some development secrets! 🤫

🕑 Timestamps:
0:00 - Mod Intros
1:54 - Quest start & opening cutscene
11:37 - Early conception of the quest
12:33 - Kharid-Et dig site
15:41 - Trindine & the Mahjarrat
21:38 - Azzanadra gives us some backstory
27:08 - Heading to Freneskae
29:27 - Production of Azzanadra's Quest
35:32 - Chatting with Azzanadra en route to the eggs
47:10 - A run-in with Ariane
59:31 - Outro