Lesser Concentrated Blast

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Lesser Concentrated Blast is a basic Magic ability, with no level requirements to use. It is a dual-wielded ability and deals three hits of 12-60% ability damage, averaging a total of 108% ability damage. At level 12 Magic, it will automatically upgrade to Concentrated Blast. Each hit of Lesser Concentrated Blast has the same damage range as the previous, unlike normal Concentrated Blast which increases in damage each hit; Lesser Concentrated Blast also does not increase critical chance.

Like normal Concentrated Blast, Lesser Concentrated Blast can be cancelled after 1.8 seconds (1 global cooldown) to deal only the first two hits, and then use another ability - effectively making Lesser Concentrated Blast a 24-120% ability damage ability, on par with Lesser Sonic Wave. However, this is much less useful for Lesser Concentrated Blast as the user will probably not have a high enough Magic level to have other, strong abilities available to use.

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