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For other uses, see Jack of trades aura.
Legendary jack of trades aura detail.png

Legendary jack of trades is a tier five aura available as part of the Members Loyalty Programme and can be purchased from Xuan in Burthorpe and Varrock for 120,000 Membership Loyalty Points. It is capable of being activated for three hours and recharges at 00:00 UTC.

Like all the other auras, it is depleted if the player unequips it after activating it. If the account using it is logged out while the aura is activated, the timer continues to run. If a player destroys the aura, when reclaimed from Xuan the player will have to wait until the next day before the aura can be activated again.

Aura stats
Loyalty points Cumulative price
Legendary aura equipped.png
120,000 225,000
Tier Slot
5 Aura slot.png
Duration 3 hours
Cooldown 24 hours
Cost to extend (50%) Cannot be extended
Cost to extend (100%) Cannot be extended
Gain XP in 25 different skills within 3 hours to receive a bonus XP reward.

Tiers[edit | edit source]

Before a higher tier can be bought, previous tiers must also be bought. For the total cost, a player must also keep the cumulative cost in mind. See the table below for more information.

Tier Loyalty point cost Skills XP at 99
Individual Cumulative
2 Jack of trades aura.png Jack of trades aura 15,000 15,000 10 14,554.5
3 Master jack of trades aura.png Master jack of trades aura 30,000 45,000 15 19,406
4 Supreme jack of trades aura.png Supreme jack of trades aura 60,000 105,000 20 24,257.5
5 Legendary jack of trades aura.png Legendary jack of trades aura 120,000 225,000 25 29,109

Rewards[edit | edit source]

To claim the full reward players must have gained experience in 25 unique skills. Players may determine if they have gathered experience in a sufficient number of skills while the aura is still equipped by clicking the "Aura time remaining" option in the Worn Equipment interface.

Attempting to activate the aura while in possession of a reward book fails with the message: "You must claim and use your reward from the Jack of Trades aura before you can receive another."

When the aura is depleted, talk to Xuan to receive a reward book if one was awarded. The aura must be depleted to get the reward. If three hours have not passed, but experience has been gained in enough skills, players may simply unequip the aura to deplete it forcibly.

The experience reward is:


where x is the level of the skill on which you use the reward.

Templates used
Jack of trades calc
 template = Template:Jack of trades calc
 form = jotf
 result = jotr
 param = type|Jack of trade|Normal|select|Normal,Master,Supreme,Legendary
 param = level|Skill Level|1|int|1-120
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Please submit the form

Taverley & Burthorpe routine[edit | edit source]

Bronze sword.pngChargebow.pngAir rune.pngEarth rune.png
Bagged plant 1.pngToy mouse.pngLaw rune.pngExplorer's ring 4.png
Wicked hood.pngMask of the Troll.png
Reusable items
The Gnome Shopkeeper's Armoury in Burthorpe provides both a bronze sword and a chargebow (which supplies its own ammunition) for free.
Recommended items

Dungeoneering is not used in this routine.

# Skills Action
1–2. Magic Construction Withdraw all equipment required from the bank.
3–8. Farming Fishing Woodcutting Fletching Firemaking Cooking Teleport to the Taverley lodestone and run north to the flax field.
9–10. Hunter Prayer Trade with Ayleth Beaststalker north-east of the pond to obtain a free bird snare.
11–13. Crafting Mining Smithing Travel west to Jack Oval's Crafting Shop.
14–18. Attack Strength Defence Constitution Ranged Adjust the Combat Settings interface to gain experience in each Attack, Strength, and Defence; ranged combat should provide Ranged experience.
  • Attack and kill a rabbit found north of the Burthorpe mine with a melee and ranged weapon.
19. Thieving Teleport to Taverly Lodestone, running south then west across the bridge
  • Pickpocket a farmer
20. Herblore Follow the road to Jatix's Herblore Shop.
21. Summoning Travel to Pikkupstix's Summoning Shop, collecting the 7 spirit shards, 1 pouch, 1 gold charm, and free wolf bones.
22. Agility Travel to the Burthorpe Agility Course.
  • Walk-across the log beam; alternatively, release and catch the toy mouse to gain Agility experience.
23. Divination Teleport to your preferred energy rift.
  • Harvest divine energy from the wisp colony; alternatively, produce an item from previously collected divine energy.
24. Runecrafting Activate the wicked hood and teleport to a Runecrafting altar of the player's choice.
  • Withdraw rune essence from the hood and craft some runes on the altar.
  • The Nature Altar is a preferable choice as it is near to both a gleaming wisp colony and a wooden log agility shortcut next to a crashed gnome glider.
25. Invention or Slayer Disassemble an item, or kill a creature a Slayer Master has given as a Slayer assignment.
  • A Slayer mask may be used to force a preferred assignment and easily access it if the player has not unlocked Invention.

Urn routine[edit | edit source]

Reusable items

Resources consumed

Recommended items

Dungeoneering and slayer is not used in this routine.

# Skills Action
1-6 Runecrafting HunterDivination

MiningSmithing Fishing

Withdraw all equipment required from a bank.
  • Add rune to all the urns.
7-8 Construction Magic
9-13 FarmingFiremakingCooking


Teleport to varrock.
  • Use the seed on the plantpot.
  • Light the logs.
  • Cook the raw food on the fire.
  • Dissasemble the food item.
  • Cut the uncut gem.
14-15 WoodcuttingFletching Run west past the bank.
16-22 ThievingAttackStrengthDefenceRangedConstitutionPrayer Adjust the Combat Settings interface to gain experience in each Attack, Strength, and Defence; ranged combat should provide Ranged experience.
  • Pickpocket a guard.
  • Kill the guard with your melee main-hand and ranged off-hand.
  • Pick up the bones and bury them if you don't have Bonecrusher.
23-25 HerbloreSummoningAgility Run east to Xuan
  • Clean the herb.
  • Summon the familiar.
  • Wind, release and catch the Toy Mouse.

Tasks that don't count[edit | edit source]

These provide experience in a skill but do not count towards training 10 skills for this aura

Update history[edit | edit source]

The update history project is a work-in-progress – not all updates to this topic may be covered below. See here for how to help out!
  • patch 22 July 2019 (Update):
    • You can no longer bank the Jack of Trades aura by dragging it from your player into the bank after finishing your Jack of Trades run - instead now it'll deactivate, allowing you to go claim your reward as normal.
  • ninja 9 June 2014 (Update):
    • Players will now receive a message stating their progress when they perform a new skill for the Jack of Trades aura.