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The Lean emote used to be unlocked as a Random event reward from the Mime event. Players can now unlock this emote by purchasing a piece of mime clothing from Iffie at Thessalia's Fine Clothes in Varrock.

To complete the event, players must imitate the Mime's actions. One of the emotes that a player may be required to imitate is the Lean emote. When the event is complete, players will be returned to their previous location within the RuneScape world along with a random event gift where players should choose the option for unlocking an emote to unlock one of the four Mime emotes including the Climb Rope emote. Players cannot choose which among the four Mime emotes to unlock as it is random which will be unlocked.

There is a glitch when a player in the Duel Arena challenges a player while doing this emote. A message is given as if they had an item that cannot be worn during a duel but instead it gives them this message: "You cannot initiate a duel while wearing (A name of a item you have equipped)."

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