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The Leadership Team are a group of Jagex employees responsible for running or administrating Jagex, overseeing development of specific games, or managing other teams within the company.

Members[edit | edit source]

Picture Name Nationality Role Employed in
Mod Mark.png Mod Mark British Design Director 2003[1]
David Osborne.png Mod Osborne British Lead Designer for RuneScape 2006
Mod Pips.jpg Mod Pips N/A CEO 2011
N/A Mod MattHe N/A Events Executive
Mod JZ.jpg Mod JZ N/A Talent Acquisition Specialist October 2017
Mod Warden.jpg Mod Warden N/A Executive Producer 2019[2]
Mod Cam.jpg Mod Cam N/A Product Manager 2015

Former[edit | edit source]

Picture Name Nationality Role Employed in Left in
Constant Tedder.jpg Constant Tedder N/A CEO 2001 2007
Geoff Iddison.jpg Geoff Iddison N/A CEO 2007 2009
Mod Vince.jpg Mod Vince N/A Head of RuneScape 2008[3] 2009
Mark Gerhard.png Mod MMG German CEO 1 February 2008 2014
N/A Mod Fetzki German Head of RuneScape 2005 March 2012
Rod Cousens.png Rod Cousens British[4] CEO 2013 2017

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