Lava strykewyrm (Dragonkin Laboratory)

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Lava strykewyrms are enemies encountered in the Dragonkin Laboratory, residing in the Molten Ruins.

Unlike their surface counterparts, these strykewyrms do not need a Slayer level in order to be killed. Players may kill these strykewyrms in place of their surface counterparts for a slayer task or to capture their soul in an ushabti for the Slayer Codex, if they are unwilling to enter the Wilderness and not skip the task. These strykewyrms are far weaker than those on the surface, as they are incapable of melee, ranged, burrow and stomp attacks, in addition to using a far weaker magic attack, though they still retain their poison, reflect and stun immunity. As such, they cannot drop searing ashes, wyrm spikes, hearts and scalps.

In Story mode its health is reduced by 50% and its damage output is reduced by 90%.

Drops[edit | edit source]

Main drop[edit | edit source]

The following table has 1/25 chance to get rolled on for boss monsters, and 1/50 chance for other monsters when holding a Lucky charm (Dragonkin Laboratory).[a 1]

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  2. ^ RuneScape. mysterious perk :o. 21 July 2020. "Mod Orion: 'If you have the Mysterious perk on your equipment and you go into the dungeon, it's like 500x more common. So, enjoy your free pet.'" Significantly more likely to drop when the player has the Mysterious perk on one of their equipped items.

If the above table is not rolled, a reward from the following table is given:

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Damage taken in story mode of elite dungeons was reduced from 33% of normal mode to 10% in an update on the 15th of October 2018.