Lava monster (Lava Flow Mine)

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The Lava monster is encountered during the Lava Flow Mine activity. It appears along with the TzHaar hero, who chases it. If it is caught by the TzHaar hero, everyone in the mine will have double the chance of receiving gems for the next ten minutes. In order for the hero to reach it, players must taunt the monster repeatedly, causing it to pause temporarily each time and allowing the hero the opportunity to catch up to it.

Taunting a lava monster, also showing the size of it.

Taunting the lava monster will result in calling one of the following phrases:

  • Why don't you come out here?
  • Nyah-nyah-nyah!
  • You're a pain in the ash!
  • Hey! You!
  • Boooo!

And the lava monster will say one of the following phrases back:

  • You can't take the heat!
  • Raaaaaar!
  • Raar!
  • I'm too hot to handle!
  • The TzHaar eggs are mine!
Lava monster concept art

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Its examine text is a reference to Paul Gower, where if you put "Paul" into the Notes interface, it changes to "Rargh, I'm a lava monster!".
  • When the TzHaar hero catches the lava monster, it will shout out that he caught the "TzXil". In the TzHaar language, this means "Lava Killer".