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For the crystal raven in Tarddiad, see Bran.
Korp chathead.png

Korp is a raven that is located in the Grim Underworld, at the end of the River Noumenon bridge after the completion of Nomad's Elegy.

Spotting this raven with the left click option results in him saying Du är inte förberedd, which means You are not prepared in Swedish, and prompts the message A chill runs down your spine and you wonder what this could mean. Following that the raven disappears.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Korp is Swedish for raven.
  • Korp is a reference to Mod Raven, who developed Nomad's Elegy.
  • Korp's interaction text is likely a reference to the World of Warcraft character Illidan Stormrage.