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Knut was a companion of V who lived in either the First or Second Age. His story is told to the player by Swensen the Navigator. He was defending V while they were fighting dagannoths when he was slain in one of the waves. After his death, V constructed a cairn for Knut and planted Winter's Eye flowers around it, which became a favourite of his.[1]

References[edit | edit source]

  1. ^ Swensen the Navigator, "Hero's Welcome", RuneScape. "Once, V and his companion Knut were fighting daggermouths in a flooded cavern. V prevailed, obviously, but when he turned he found Knut had been killed defending his back against another wave of the foul creatures. He constructed a cairn for his friend who had sacrificed so much for him, and caused Winter's Eye plants to flower around it. Ever since then people have considered Winter's Eye to be a favourite flower of V's."