Knights of the Round Table - Renegade Knights Conflicts

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Some time after King Arthur, Merlin and his Knights arrived in Gielinor in 132 of the Fifth Age they were granted the Sinclair family mansion (named Camelot. Around the same time Morgan Le Faye, her son Sir Mordred arrived and for unknown reasons also arrived and came into conflict with the Knights of the Round Table, and founded the Renegade Knights based at Keep Le Faye.

Freeing Merlin[edit | edit source]

Around Year 169, Morgan Le Faye succeeded in trapping her rival Merlin in crystal. An adventurer, looking to join the Knights of the Round Table, was tasked by King Arthur to find a way to free Merlin. The Knights advised the adventurer to sneak into Keep Le Faye. There, the adventurer successfully infiltrated the Keep, found Sir Mordred, and defeated in combat. Morgan Le Faye arrived at the last second, and in order to save her son, advised the adventurer on the ritual needed to free Merlin and to retrieve Excalibur. The adventurer did as instructed, performed the ritual, then used Excalibur to break the crystal.

With Merlin free, King Arthur permitted the adventurer to become a Knight of the Round Table.

King's Ransom[edit | edit source]

After the adventurer helped the Knights of the Round Table reclaim the Holy grail and helped the local guards determine who killed Lord Sinclair, the entire Sinclair family packed up and moved out, and all of the Knights of the Round Table vanished.

The adventurer conducted an investigation, but could prove little beyond ill intent towards King Arthur. Anna Sinclair offered to help the adventurer, but only if the adventurer would act a her legal counsel and get her acquitted.

Anna led the adventurer to the statue of King Arthur, but the adventurer was ambushed by Morgan Le Faye and tossed into Keep Le Faye's dungeon, with Merlin and the rest of the Knights of the Round Table.

The Knights, Adventurer, and Merlin compare notes, discovering the alliance between the Renegade Knights, Sinclair family, and Kinshra. The group plan to have Merlin retake Camelot, the Knights of the Round Table deal with the Renegade Knights, while the adventurer recovers the Holy Grail and finds a way to release King Arthur.

The adventurer easily finds where Morgan Le Faye had hidden the Holy Grail, then with the aid of Wizard Cromperty, came up with a way to release King Arthur from being a statue.

The adventurer then infiltrated the Kinshra Fortress near Edgeville, released King Arthur from the spell, gave Arthur a disguise to escape in, then returned to Camelot.

In gratitude, the adventurer was invited to train against the Knights of the Round Table.