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This article is about the sailor. For the wizard, see Clarence.
A detailed view of Klarense's face

Klarense is a sailor located on the second south-east dock of Port Sarim. He is the owner of the Lady Lumbridge, a ship which is in a state of disrepair.

He offers to sell the ship to an aspiring Dragon Slayer for 2,000 coins, including the services of cabin boy Jenkins for free.[1] He warns them that the ship is not yet seaworthy[2] as Port Sarim's shipbuilders are unreliable.[3] Once the ship is sold and basic repairs are made, he leaves to become Port Sarim's first lifeguard.[4]

Afterwards, he has a ship named the Klarense's Cruiser, which looks suspiciously like the Lady Lumbridge with the name painted over.

References[edit | edit source]

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